Appvertiser partners with Bango to boost campaign performance

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bango (AIM: BGO), the global platform for data-driven commerce, has partnered with, to accelerate campaign performance and acquisition for its global network of app developers. Appvertiser, a US based mobile performance marketing agency, will incorporate Bango Audiences of app payers to target their client’s campaigns, accelerating payer acquisition. help app developers to develop, customize and execute world-class marketing campaigns that drive ROI. Employing state-of-the-art performance marketing techniques to target, acquire, and retain users. Appvertiser serve a global client base across all app category verticals. Clients include Kabam, Jump Ramp, Upland, Pocket Gems and many more.

Appvertiser will use Bango Audiences to accelerate revenue growth for their client’s apps by focusing campaigns to new users proven to make in-app purchases, and on new users that pay in similar apps. In just one click, a Bango Audience is applied to target an app marketing campaign to the most valuable audience possible - payers in similar apps. This approach to campaign targeting experiences up to 2x increase in payers acquired.

Hagop Hagopian, CEO at Appvertiser commented:Whether you are launching a new app or looking to grow your user base, we provide unparalleled experience in developing and executing campaigns that drive positive ROI. Bango Audiences will complement our data driven methodology by targeting campaigns straight to payers in similar apps. Working with Bango to focus and analyze client’s UA campaigns will provide a major boost to their results. We are keen to adopt innovative, cutting edge approaches that increase our client’s success and now have a unique way to further achieve this.”

Brett Orlanski, SVP Marketplace at Bango commented: “Appvertiser is going to be a great partner in our mission to help marketers reach those elusive payers - the users that grow app revenue. Without payers, what’s the point? The app marketers that use Bango Audiences are the ones that thrive! We are pumped to get started!”

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