OpenDrives Partners with Kazuhm to Power High-Performance, Low-Cost Storage-Compute Activation and Integration

Debuts containerization marketplace to simplify loading of individual recipes to run on compute modules while maintaining same level of storage performance

LOS ANGELES and SAN DIEGO, March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenDrives, the global provider of enterprise-grade, hyper-scalable network-attached-storage (NAS) solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Kazuhm, the distributed computing technology leader that enables IoT and other enterprise data to be processed with ultra-low latency and cost. Joining the OpenDrives containerization marketplace, also announced today as a new feature to OpenDrives’ centralized management software platform (Atlas), Kazuhm allows end-users to activate and integrate compute nodes on their network regardless of operating system or type of device.

“At OpenDrives, we’ve taken a storage-first approach to compute by bringing containerized applications and automation directly into the storage infrastructure. The introduction of ‘pods’ and ‘recipes’ simplifies deployment and management of these containerized applications, thus reducing complexity and increasing performance,” said Sean Lee, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at OpenDrives. “By partnering with best-in-class distributed compute technology leaders like Kazuhm, who share our same values in ensuring ultra-low latency and cost, enterprise-scale organizations can run multiple workloads in isolated virtual environments as close as possible to the data to optimize performance.”

Kazuhm runs secondary workloads that never interfere with the node’s primary function to enable secure, low-cost, low-latency compute across a variety of enterprise applications. Designed to run on the OpenDrives storage device, Kazuhm enables OpenDrives’ complete storage hardware and compute offering to leverage any customer IT asset, providing a flexible storage-compute offering versus rigid on-premise private cloud solutions that require dedicated hardware assets.

“We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to be the first OpenDrives partner to deliver our distributed computing capabilities as an integrated feature of the Atlas platform,” said Andreas Roell, CEO of Kazuhm. “OpenDrives’ containerization marketplace enables us to expand our reach to a new set of customers that have not yet experienced the cost and performance benefits of running containerized workloads on their own on-premise devices.”

Kazuhm is available through the OpenDrives containerization marketplace, a rapidly growing ecosystem that, through a robust API, allows customers to load recipes on the compute module without interfering with storage performance and further power OpenDrives’ scale-up, scale-out infrastructure. OpenDrives’ software dashboard, also included in the latest Atlas software release, unlocks deep insights into all analytics running on the OpenDrives system, in real-time, with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Additional applications in the OpenDrives containerization marketplace include: DaVinci Resolve Project Server, as well as common agents for services like Grafana Analytics and Splunk.

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About OpenDrives

OpenDrives is a global provider of enterprise-grade, hyper-scalable network-attached-storage (NAS) solutions. Founded in 2011 by media and entertainment post-production professionals, OpenDrives is built for the most demanding workflows, from Hollywood to healthcare, and businesses large and small. OpenDrives delivers the highest performing solutions to match individual performance needs, even for the most robust, complex and mission-critical projects, on-premises and into the cloud. OpenDrives is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about OpenDrives, visit

About Kazuhm

Kazuhm is a brand new technology that enables data to be processed across corporate IT and IoT networks on the devices closest to where it is generated to achieve ultra-low latencies at a lower cost than the cloud or even the edge. Our distributed computing technology allows customers to recapture unused compute cycles on their on-premise edge and IoT hardware and even IT assets such as desktops and servers to run enterprise workloads without moving data back and forth to the cloud. Customers are using Kazuhm for real-time analytics, predictive maintenance, quality control, performance optimization, safety analyses, video & image analysis, cyber analytics, data filtering, and more. For more information, visit

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