Public Influencer Marketplace QuikPlace is Helping Creators Monetize Their Following With the Release of Their Mobile App

LOS ANGELES, March 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuikPlace is at the core of it, a platform that exists to bridge the gap between content creators and artists, record labels, and brands. The marketplace was created when Co-Founders Tanner Kesel and Alex Boro noticed that many TikTok creators were not monetizing their followings. The platform has since integrated Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to allow clients the ability to run multi-platform campaigns.

“We realized there was no such thing as an influencer marketplace yet, at least a public one, and thought it would be a sustainable approach. In addition, we wanted to make sure all creators on our platform were there because they wanted to be and could have the option to leave whenever they want to,” Tanner reveals.

The first of its kind, QuikPlace, has become the largest public influencer marketplace. Since its launch in March last year, the marketplace has garnered over 3,000 influencer's trust with an overall reach of a staggering 2.5 billion and counting. Offering immediate exposure to brands, record labels, and influencers, QuikPlace generates profit and serves as a platform for songs to go viral, and for monthly listeners and audiences to grow.

Setting themself apart from other marketplaces, QuikPlace prides itself on its transparency and individualized campaigns. The marketplace gives full control to creators, ensuring they stay in charge of their intellectual property. All creators hold the decision on whether to accept or deny promotions and set the price for their promotions themselves.

“We ultimately get involved as our customer wants us to,” Tanner shares. Whether to select an influencer or curating a campaign in full, the team at QuikPlace is ready to help.

Getting started in the marketplace, the client first shares his music or brand on QuikPlace. To kickstart the promotions, the client will partner with an influencer and watch as the promoted song or brand reaches large audiences on all platforms.

At a starting price of only $25, the promotions on QuikPlace’s site are affordable to the general public. No matter the budget, the marketplace’s campaign team is dedicated to boost listeners and grow an audience, assisting artists and brands in getting the most out of their financial limits.

As the demand for its services grows, QuikPlace is working on several updates and releases to better and widen its services. With app for iOS and Android, QuikPlace is making itself available to a broader audience and further streamlining the experience for both creators and customers. The app is designed to ease the customer’s purchase process and give creators the ability to receive promotional updates through push notifications.

Stay updated on QuikPlace’s planned releases and ventures. Learn more about the public influencer marketplace’s mobile app launch through its official website.

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