New Inspirational Guidebook Leads Readers Towards A True Spiritual Awakening

Author Connie Cord begins a movement for positive change and peace in her new book, ‘Messages from Love: A Journey of a Lifetime: Breaking Free from Religion’s Box’

SAN RAMON, Calif., April 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Utilizing her extensive study of spirituality and enlightenment, author Connie Cord focuses on the reader’s journey on this earth and their connection with the divine in her new book, “Messages from Love: A Journey of a Lifetime: Breaking Free from Religion’s Box.” Through Cord’s narrative and a concentration on the importance of values such as love, forgiveness, and respect, the path to cultivating one’s spiritual philosophy is paved with each passing chapter. This book is a moving reminder that a firm grasp on our spiritual connection is the key to living a peaceful and joy-filled existence.  


The focus of this book is to spread a message of unity to fellow truth-seekers and bring importance to the topic of spiritual wellbeing. With sections dedicated to discussing grief, relationships, the importance of compassion, and developing a personal relationship with God, Cord shares her passion for helping readers becoming more conscious of their purpose in this world. 


“Reading the words was like feeling a warm summer breeze, and left me feeling refreshed and at peace,” said an Amazon reviewer. “I encourage you to open your heart and mind in reading her [Cord] spiritual journey and let it help inspire you in your mission and walk in love as you live each day.”  


The book’s impactful messaging was developed from a 13-episode podcast she co-created with her niece which was designed to bring upon reflection of our purpose and passion in this world. The first of a series of additional inspirational books, “Messages from Love” begins the readers’ journey towards a stronger sense of self. 


“Messages from Love: A Journey of a Lifetime; Breaking Free from Religion’s Box” is an inspiring approach towards self-development through the reader’s connection with the divine. A beautiful, spiritual journey begins as readers embrace enlightened messaging and uncover their true purpose.


“Messages from Love: A Journey of a Lifetime: Breaking Free from Religion’s Box” 

By Connie Cord 

ISBN: 9781982246990 (softcover); 9781982247010 (hardcover); 9781982247003 (electronic)  

Available at the Balboa Press Online BookstoreAmazon, and Barnes & Noble  


About the author 

Connie Cord was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Northern California. After making her home in the Bay Area, she married, became a mother of a beautiful daughter who has gifted her with two adorable granddaughters, divorced, and found professional success as an aesthetician and owner of a skincare business for over 30 years. Cord has always enjoyed her designated career with a personal mission of making her clients look and feel beautiful inside and out. Her true passion in life, however, has been the study of spirituality and the divine realm. A truth-seeker with a mission to change the world, “Messages from Love” is her first publication. To learn more, please visit  


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