Oak Brook, April 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yue Zheng, a 13-year-old girl from Dalian, China, has a vision of what peace looks like. Zheng brought that vision to life through her art, earning her the grand prize in the Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest.


Zheng was one of 600,000 participants worldwide in the annual Peace Poster Contest sponsored by local Lions clubs, which gives young people aged 11-13 an opportunity to share their vision of world peace through art.


“When it came to my designing my artwork, I first thought about how to represent “service” and “peace,” said Zheng. “In my poster, I show how people from different countries, different age groups along with artificial intelligence would create a dove of peace together through the format of building with building blocks. The dove of peace opens its wings and flies towards the sky, hoping that everyone can get along harmoniously and providing all kinds of services together to achieve peace.”  


The winning poster was selected for its originality, artistic merit and portrayal of the contest theme, “Peace Through Service.” The Dalian De Long Lions Club sponsored the local contest that gave Zheng the opportunity to participate in this global event and share her vision with the world.


“I want my poster to show that everyone is the participant of peaceful services,” said Zheng “Please reach out your selfless hands, and let us build and create peace through services, and spread peace and joy to every corner of the world.”


As the contest winner, Zheng will receive a US$5,000 cash prize. Zheng is also sharing in the celebration with 23 merit winners from around the world. All merit winners receive a US$500 cash prize for their winning artwork.


The 2021 Lions Clubs International Peace Poster merit winners are:


Dakota Lynn Bennett, 12-years-old, Galena Route 66, Kansas, USA


Ya Wen Cao, 13-years-old, Beijing Star Lions Club, China


Srushti Deshmukh, 13-years-old, Lions Club of Satara United, India


Catherine Fan, 13-years-old, Beacon Hill Lions Club, Hong Kong


Wu Gin How, 13-years-old, JB Centennial Lions Club, Malaysia


Aimi Huang, 12-years-old, Jiangsu Yijiaren Lions Club, China


Kate Hunkins, 13-years-old, Rochester ’76 Lions Club, Minnesota, USA


Lorenza Iannelli, 13-years-old, Formia Lions Club, Italy


Daphne Kim, 11-years-old, Los Angeles New Millennium Lions Club, California, USA


Jhae Aubrey Nubla, 11-years-old, Caloocan City Grace Park Lions Club, Philippines

Viktor Nikolaev Petrov, 12-years-old, Russe Sexaginta Prista, Bulgaria


Naura Keylasafa Putri, 13-years-old, Jakarta Gading Cemara Lions Club, Indonesia


Jia Qi Qiao, 13-years-old, Shaanxi Qinhan Lions Club, China


Fangyu Qiao, 12-years-old, Jilin Ren Ai Lions Club, China


Chloe Retuya, 13-years-old, Cheshire Lions Club, Connecticut, USA


Pei-Yun Tsai, 12-year-old, New Taipei City Yung Ho Lions Club, China Taiwan


Jashwith Thota, 11-years-old, Panja Lions Club, India


Isadora Tomines, 12-years-old, Miami Buenavista-Biltmore Lions Club, Florida, USA


Shao Xinying, 12-years-old, Shenyang Ai Zhong Lions Club, China


Yixin Sun, 13-years-old, Qingdao Hexin Lions, China


Letícia Coelho Vieira, 14-years-old, Tatuí Lions Club, Brazil


Tianyue Wu, 11-years-old, China Guangdong Lingnan Lions Club, China


Qiuran Yu, 13-years-old, Harbin Le Shan Lions Club, China


“The Lions International Peace Poster Contest allows the world to see peace through the eyes of young people - a valuable perspective,” says Lions Clubs International President, Dr. Jung-Yul Choi. “We are proud to support the creative process of children around the world and to encourage them to always see peace as a workable solution to the conflict.”


Visit the Lions Clubs International website, lionsclubs.org, to view Peace Posters and learn more about the contest.


Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service club organization, is made up of more than 1.4 million men and women in over 200 countries and geographical areas throughout the world. Lions created the Peace Poster Contest to foster a spirit of peace and international understanding in young people worldwide.




Yue Zheng, a 13-year-old girl from Dalian, China, has a vision of what peace looks like. Zheng brought that vision to life through her art, earning her the grand prize in the Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest.

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