Sentieo Enables Enterprise-Class Research Platform Deployments with Latest Release

Sentieo 4.6 release delivers integrations with Box, Dropbox, and new APIs to support large-scale deployments

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sentieo, the leading, next-generation financial and corporate research platform, today announced the availability of its latest release, Sentieo 4.6. With this release, Sentieo now provides institutional investors with the opportunity to break with the history of failed Research Management System (RMS) deployments by providing investment analysts with a single universe of content to drive insights. Sentieo 4.6 includes cloud document management integrations, including Box and Dropbox, to enable client documents to be instantly included in the Sentieo platform, as well as new platform APIs that allow clients to manage their research platform at scale, without long, drawn-out deployments or high maintenance costs. Additionally, the release includes new capabilities for AI-driven sentiment and topic analysis.

“We are seeing increased demand for large-scale, enterprise deployments of modern investment research platforms,” said Naman Shah, Co-Founder & President, Sentieo. “Sentieo Platform Integrations is going to deliver new ways for our clients to get insights, from all their research content, while providing the opportunity to leave behind failed RMS integrations.”

While analysts have access to a huge amount of data and content to build an investment thesis, they are forced to constantly context switch between tools and sources. Today’s launch of Sentieo Platform Integrations further reduces the need for analysts to switch between applications or document stores while bringing the power of Sentieo’s AI-powered search and analytics to all of their content. New integrations include Box, Dropbox, and Dropbox Business allowing clients to easily integrate all of their research and content from cloud document stores into the centralized Sentieo research workflow. Additionally, the new Sentieo Platform APIs for analyst note integration and Security Master management ensure that large-scale deployments of Sentieo can improve hundreds of analysts’ research workflow, without long deployment cycles.

Sentieo 4.6 also includes corporate clients’ ability to use Sentieo’s Smart Summary™ sentiment and topic analysis model to analyze internally created content such as earnings call dry-run transcripts, draft press releases, or draft filing documents.

Sentieo 4.6 is available to clients now. Read more about today’s release here.

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