Crowdfund Campaign for Social Justice Raises Over $200K for Bounty (Rewarded) to First Person to Get Court Transcript - (OP: Stop Jim Crow 2.0) - Robert Peterson & Fields Associates

CAMDEN, N.J., April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A crowdfunding campaign for 'social justice' launched on crowdfunding web site 'Go-Get-Funding' raised over $200,000 as a bounty to be reward to the first person who obtains a copy of (forbidden) court transcripts from New Jersey's federal courthouse -- court records associated with the prosecutions of two African-American political figures and a political action committee ( -- that are 'docketed' as public court record, available for anyone to publicly view at the courthouse or purchase.

But the chief judge, court reporter, court clerk, court transcriber, and sentencing judge seemingly have forbidden the release or access of this public record, despite several requests for them, made over the past year by a civil rights activist (now political prisoner), a publicist, and news reporters.

This very unusual, yet extraordinary treasure hunt-styled crowdfunding campaign for social justice awareness is surprisingly about a publicly available, trial court transcript of a May 10, 2018 sentencing hearing of African-American political activist Cary Lee Peterson (United States v. Peterson, No. 3:16-CR-00230-AET, D.N.J. Doc. Nos. 170, 171) -- a criminal prosecution, that from the outset, allegedly contained several process irregularities and chronological docket errors, long before the more recent docket entries in question inexplicably came about.

The U.S. District Court for the New Jersey District has neither refused, denied, or replied to requests for the said court transcript as to Peterson's May 10, 2019 sentencing hearing, that neither Peterson nor any attorney on Peterson's behalf attended (

Peterson's surreal court cases in 3rd U.S. Court of Appeals and [presently] the U.S. Supreme Court are truly outrageous -- Peterson's conviction appeal denied for COVID-19 related difficulties and alleged legal incompetence caused by ineffective assistance of counsel during his trial and appeal -- but unfortunately very real, as is Peterson remains incarcerated, almost three years after the federal justice system's 'house of cards' on an erroneous sentence and other fatal errors in Peterson's criminal case were exposed just days after his [actual] Dec. '18 sentencing hearing (

Jan. 7, 2021, the U.S. Justice Department's solicitor general filed a motion to waive the United States government's right to respond to Peterson's Supreme Court certiorari questions [Q#4], claims, and evidence submitted, as to how such an irregular court proceeding for a sentencing hearing (without him or his attorney present), was lawfully possible; and among of other relative things in this story -- exactly who from the federal prosecutor's office appeared in court on behalf of the U.S. government for the 'phantom' sentencing hearing "as to Cary Lee Peterson" on that day (

The ongoing silence from the U.S. attorney general and federal court have resulted in a black man obliged to remain in prison for a 'legally impossible crime,' that neither the U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts or then U.S. Attorney General Barr bothered to entertain for review, on an unusual situation that screamed 'systemic injustice' and 'racial inequality' way before Peterson's criminal trial-[by-ambush], May '18, when Peterson's constitutional rights to defense witnesses or evidence to prove his innocence were denied by the trial judge (

But this very uniquely styled crowdfunding campaign seeks social justice. No surprise that one of the '170K transcript bounty' campaign moderators posted on the campaign comments, 'when public officials of the judicial branch forsake public interest, and fail to uphold the interest of justice, it's anticipated that a handful of eager and persistent observers of the court may lend a hand to compel them to see the importance of equal rights standards, even-justice of everyone, and constitutional rights guaranteed to all men, as allowed to any white citizen.' Thus some participants are dubbing this unique crowdfunding campaign "Operation: Stop Jim Crow 2.0 Justice - ( #FREESUPERPACMAN ).

The 'can't be bothered' status inferred by the federal court and attorney general's unsound demeanor is likely to take a new tone -- despite the former transcript requests that fell upon deaf ears -- with the right court records inquiry from 'Joe Public,' an ambitious attorney, or a not-for-profit civil rights organization who will take advantage of the substantial opportunity to capture the 'forbidden' court transcript to collect the six-figure bounty.

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