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Prominent intensive care beds market players include Stryker Corporation, LINET, Invacare Corporation, Malvestio Spa, Hill-Rom Services, Medline Industries, LINET, Merivaara Corp., Arjo, Savion Industries, and Nitrocare.

Pune, India, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global intensive care beds market size is anticipated to show tremendous growth during the forecast period as numerous governments across the world have been seeking to review and extend their intensive care capacities with a view to avoid shortages in the event of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals have had to double or even triple their stock of ICU beds during the pandemic for coping with the surging number of patients.

As it is unsafe for patients to continue to be hospitalized despite the insufficient number of intensive care beds, several regional health ministries have been seeking to upscale hospital supplies including ICU beds. The following top ten factors have been instigating the growth of the global summarizing intensive care beds industry outlook:

NHS to foster more supply in the U.K.

According to a recent news article by The Guardian, NHS hospital chiefs and doctors from the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) have been urging the ministry to scale up their intensive care beds across the nation.

Owing to the recent surge of the pandemic patients, several hospitals in London were forced to transfer patients outside their home area, to hospitals located as far as the Midlands, Yorkshire, and Newcastle. The U.K. government has been supporting the market growth via its funding toward the upgradation and building of 40 new hospitals throughout the nation.

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Electric beds to gain traction in European countries

The European intensive care beds market outlook is certain to prosper on account of the soaring demand for electric beds. The segment is slated to grow at a 3% CAGR through the forecast years, triggered by the rising demand for technologically advanced hospital beds and other equipment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc across Italy, with the number of COVID positive patients spiraling upward continuously. The dramatic rise in the volume of hospitalized patients will translate to a higher share of the segment in the overall European industry share.

Spain to command considerable industry share

The Europe market for intensive care beds is expected to be dominated by Spain through the upcoming times, accelerated by the segmenting number of COVID-19 hospitalizations across the nation. The operation of several makeshift field hospital setups across Madrid and other parts of Spain, and similar initiatives have been stimulating demand in the region.

Concerns regarding the unavailability of beds in India

Lately, the number of patient deaths due to bed shortages in hospitals across India has been escalating. Even the largest city hospitals in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Pune have been facing major challenges to provide adequate number of beds to high risk patients.

Treatments of high-risk patients such as the elderly, individuals needing emergency dialysis, and heart patients are being conducted on stretchers instead of beds due to insufficient ward capacities. This is expected to push the Asia Pacific market outlook through 2026.

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Japan to see higher deployment of intensive care beds

Despite being a global leader in terms of hospital bed availability, the Japanese market for intensive care beds has been registering high demand owing to current strain of the Japanese healthcare amidst the pandemic. Over the next few year, the nation is likely to exhibit higher deployment of intensive care beds across its healthcare industry on account of the growth in geriatric population in the region, fueling the APAC intensive care beds market size.

Growing demand for manual beds in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific intensive care beds industry revenue has been expanding on account of the high demand witnessed for manual beds. Manual beds are cost-effective alternatives when compared with electric beds and can be manufactured with minimal expenses.

Hence, they are highly suitable for densely populated countries with low healthcare expenditures.

Canada market to witness significant expansion

The North America intensive care beds market outlook has been generating significant revenue from the Canadian segment due to the considerable rise in the geriatric population. During 2019, the industry share from the segment was estimated at $28 million and is expected to surge further.

The general ICUs in North American countries have been increasingly installing new intensive care beds in the light of the pandemic. The regional market share from the general ICU segment was valued at over $230 million during 2019 and is slated to gain higher profits by 2026.

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Increasing admissions across North American hospitals

In terms of end-use, the hospital segment is anticipated to progress at a fast pace though the forecast times, fueled by the dramatic increase in the number of hospitalized COVID-positive patients. Numerous non-government not-for-profit hospitals, federal government hospitals, and community hospitals have been investing in new intensive care beds to ensure optimal patient capacity.

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