Senzing One-Day Proof of Concept Finds Duplicate Data, Hidden Relationships

Demonstrates Unprecedented Entity Resolution Accuracy, Ease of Use, Affordability

LAS VEGAS, April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Entity resolution systems used to be expensive to deploy and take months to tune and train. This all changed when Senzing Inc. introduced its API-based artificial intelligence for entity resolution. Senzing is now making it even easier for developers to evaluate entity resolution. The new Senzing One-Day Proof of Concept (PoC) program, announced today, allows organizations to resolve up to 10 million records, at no charge for software or support, and quickly detect duplicates and hidden relationships about people and organizations within their data.

“It used to take weeks or months to evaluate entity resolution accuracy, but now our one-day PoC delivers results in about six hours,” said Jeff Jonas, Senzing CEO. “Organizations will be blown away by how easy, accurate and affordable Senzing entity resolution is to deploy and use, especially when compared to other commercial or homegrown entity resolution systems.”

With the Senzing One-Day PoC, developers resolve records in their Amazon Web Services or on-premises infrastructure. No private data ever flows to Senzing.

Simple reporting tools make it easy to compare the Senzing results to those of existing systems. Most organizations will see significant improvements in accuracy from Senzing entity resolution, especially with large volumes of diverse and complex data.

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About Senzing
Senzing is the first to deliver real‐time, artificial intelligence for entity resolution. Senzing software enables organizations of all sizes to gain highly accurate and valuable insights about who is who and who is related to whom in data. The Senzing APIs make it easy for software developers to quickly and affordably build scalable entity resolution into applications and data services. With Senzing, innovators in financial services, information services, healthcare, public sector and other industries can more effectively engage with customers, improve fraud detection, optimize investigative analysis, and increase accuracy for compliance mandates. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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