LogicMonitor Announces 2021 Women in STEM Scholarship Winner

Georgetown student double majoring in computer science and psychology to be awarded $6,000 for the Fall 2021 school semester

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogicMonitor, the leading cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform, today announced that the winning recipient of its first-ever Women in STEM Scholarship is Georgetown University student, Briana Valle. As the scholarship’s recipient, Briana will be awarded $6,000 towards tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) occupations are regarded as some of the fastest-growing and most sought-after roles available today. However, men make up a majority of STEM-related professions, in part due to preconceived notions about gender roles that discourage many bright young women from pursuing STEM in higher education. The LogicMonitor Women in STEM Scholarship seeks to eliminate the gender gap disparity in STEM careers by providing encouragement and financial support to young women pursuing STEM in higher education.

“Ending the gender gap disparity of women in STEM fields needs to start from the ground up. That means exposing female youth to opportunities for exploration and innovation in STEM early and investing in their journeys towards STEM careers,” said Christina Kosmowski, President of LogicMonitor. “LogicMonitor’s scholarship program serves to support inspiring young women, like Briana, through financial backing as they pursue college degrees in STEM fields and become future hires for companies such as LogicMonitor.”

Briana Valle is a sophomore computer science and psychology double major. A first-generation college student, Briana is the Co-Communications Director for Hoyas For Immigrant Rights, a Georgetown student organization working to foster an informed and respectful dialogue about immigration and immigrant rights.

Briana plans to use her future STEM degree to make quality education more accessible to underrepresented or underserved communities, especially newly-immigrated families. By creating an accessible multilingual education center and childcare facility, Briana hopes to help immigrant parents or non-English speakers ensure that their children’s education is on the right path.

“STEM is a way of bringing resources to those in my community. It is a way of changing the lives of those in my ranch who suffer from undiagnosed diseases and give them a chance of survival or a non-painful life,” said Briana.

“The Women in STEM Scholarship committee could not have chosen a more deserving scholar than Briana,” said Kosmowski. “She is a true role model for young women who want to use STEM to cultivate innovation and drive meaningful change in their communities.”

The LogicMonitor Women in STEM Scholarship program focuses on women pursuing a bachelors or associates degree in STEM from an accredited U.S. college or university. Applicants must have completed at least one year of college by the fall 2021 semester and have plans to continue their STEM education for the 2021 academic year to be considered for the scholarship.

For more information about the LogicMonitor Women in STEM Scholarship, visit www.logicmonitor.com/scholarship.

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