Funds for the Front-Lines: MAGNUS Healthcare Recruitment Solutions Donates $10,000 to Expedite Front-Line Hires for Covid-19 With Workwolf

TORONTO, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In light of the recently announced third wave of COVID-19, Workwolf in partnership with MAGNUS Healthcare Recruitment Solutions has donated $10,000 to provide 1,000 registered nurses and registered practical nurses with a portable digital credential wallet, which offers access to verifiable credentials in real-time from any smart device. The two Toronto-based companies are partnering to offer healthcare workers free background checks and other credential verification services to expedite their hiring process and to support understaffed healthcare facilities.

The Government of Ontario has recently reported that the province is facing another threat to its healthcare capacity as a result of the recent and rapid rise in hospitalizations, particularly in those being admitted to the ICU. As such, all qualified professionals are being sought out to relieve overworked and understaffed hospitals and other care facilities. With recent reports of over 34,000 active cases throughout the province of Ontario, Workwolf in partnership with MAGNUS will provide 1,000 healthcare professionals with the ability to share verifiable credentials via what is called a Digital Work Passport to encourage further adoption of the technology.

Initially used to house digital currencies, these Digital Work Passports courtesy of MAGNUS and Workwolf leverage blockchain technology to expedite hiring in the healthcare sector and allow workers to be deployed between facilities without the friction normally associated with criminal clearance and license verification screening; for facilities experiencing a high number of COVID-19 cases who need nurses immediately, MAGNUS’s donation will aid in acquiring more qualified and registered healthcare workers, inevitably saving lives.

MAGNUS Founder Erik Simins has led a successful medical staffing practice for over decade, placing thousands of healthcare professionals in community, long term care, and acute care centers across the country. He has witnessed on several occasions the damage that can be done when fraudulent credentials or licenses are missed during screening. In 2019, CBC News reported on the “systemic vulnerabilities” within the Ontario healthcare system after Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a registered nurse murdered eight senior citizens under her care over a nine-year period. MAGNUS Advisor Candace Chartier, who leads Ontario’s COVID-19 task force for long term care, was also a witness in the Wettlaufer trial. Of Workwolf’s tamper-proof technology, she states that “if we had this technology available, we could have prevented those deaths and improved the level of care in facilities across the province.”

“With the hysteria and shortage of front-line healthcare staff, it is of utmost importance that verifications of credentials, background checks, criminal history, and instances of malpractice are performed quickly and correctly,” says Simins. “This is when we need proven technology to help ensure patients are safe and that we are doing our best to maintain some level of certainty in such an uncertain time. We use Workwolf’s Digital Work Passports for our clients in healthcare and it is absolutely a game-changer when it comes to expediting the onboarding process. It saves clients at least two weeks in their time-to-hire.”

To further support MAGNUS in funding healthcare workers’ Workwolf Digital Work Passports, visit the MAGNUS HRS website at Here, front-line healthcare workers can get their passports for free, and employers or government members can donate funds towards Workwolf’s Digital Work Passport initiative.

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