Authentic Heroes Partners with Maxx Management LLC To Create One Of A Kind Memorabilia Package

Parties Will Create Rev Share Programs with NFTs and Authenticated Collectible Clothing

SOMERVILLE, N.J., May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Authentic Heroes Inc., a subsidiary of Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: GFTX ) has signed an agreement with Maxx Management LLC., whereby Maxx Management will platform the Authentic Heroes proposition to its numerous clients in both the sports and entertainment space.

Chris Giordano Chairman/President of Authentic Heroes stated:

“Maxx Management is led by a group of young, smart and ambitious people that we are excited to be working with. They understand our competitive advantages and our one of a kind value proposition very well.

Most important is that they know how both their clients and their clients’ fan-bases will benefit by partnering with us rather than doing the typical, which is selling their event worn at auction.

Working with Maxx Management will get us closer to our goal of democratizing the collectible clothing business, because we make it affordable for the fan to own a piece of their favorite athletes’ or musical artists’ history. “History embedded” into an affordable item that can be either worn or shadowboxed as a collectible.

By introducing the Authentic Heroes platform to the Maxx client base it will allow their clients to see how Authentic will create the ability to connect with more fans and at the same time earn greater income for themselves by selling potentially hundreds or thousands of collectibles instead of selling one at auction.

Authentic Heroes is the only company which possesses patented technology which can take an original event worn garment, disassemble it, and then re-animate it many times over to its original design or a different design, but in either case both bearing the fibers from the original throughout the Authentic collectible.

As we get closer live events being a mainstay, the goal is to have our products available at “will call” or bundling them with “live event” tickets for a one of a kind fan experience. In other words, order our products online in advance, then pick it up at the venue or have them delivered to you in advance. So working with a group like “Live Nation” or “Ticket Master” is the aspiration and goal down the road.

NFTs being all the rage and in our view a permanent part of the collectible landscape will become a constant and valuable part of our revenue model as well.

We will be “bundling” our collectible clothing with Non-Fungible Tokens which are themed around the original garment.

There is a compelling argument for why we can exist strongly in the world of NFTs in having a value proposition that nobody else can offer.

In keeping with the philosophy of the “Banksy burning” Authentic has the ability to do what no other company can. That is, we can disassemble the original item but instead of completely destroying the item, we take the fibers from the disassembly or intended “destruction” and then make authenticated replicas of the original and “bundle” them with NFTs. This is a first and unlike any other offering in the marketplace.

“Paul Serbiak, CEO of Authentic Heroes and developer of the IP that drives Authentic Heroes’ value proposition stated: “Our proprietary technology allows us to do something that’s never been done before. We can reach more fans with truly authentic collectible clothing memorabilia than was ever possible before. Our unique and patented technology extends product reach to more fans and offers great value to fans for collectible memorabilia by lowering prices for collectible memorabilia while still strictly limiting numbers and scarcity. For client athletes and artists, we create greater monetization potential than is possible through the traditional memorabilia auction model. It’s a win-win for everyone in collectible clothing memorabilia.” 


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