Albumen Gallery Publishes Ed Eckstein's Photo Book 'Divided We Stand'

Ed Eckstein's photo book 'Divided We Stand' offers a compelling testament to the hostile environment of the 2020 US presidential election

LONDON, May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alongside the photography exhibition ‘Divided We Stand’ at London based Albumen Gallery Albumen Publishing has published a hardcopy photobook of the same title. The book features all photos by Ed Eckstein shown in the exhibition. The Divided We Stand project compellingly documents campaign rallies at various locations in Pennsylvania during October 2020. Pennsylvania - Ed Eckstein’s home state - was one of the battle states that were pivotal in the fight for the White House.

Commenting on the Divided We Stand project Ed Eckstein says: "A presidential campaign grounded in the politics of division over a toxic mix of passions and polarization. Hopes for a healing process seems right at this moment very unlikely. Sadly, Americans cannot agree on a shared reality, many are in echo chambers consuming information tailored to existing biases. Partisan warfare impels people to deny the legitimacy, even the humanity of those with different viewpoints."

Ed Ecksteins’ photography is rooted in the rich tradition of American street photography and photojournalism. His unerring eye for the decisive moment coupled with irony and a sense for the absurd that can be encountered in mundane everyday situations lend his work a depth that blurs the boundaries between mere documentary photography and art.

Ed Eckstein has been working as a documentary photographer since the 1960s. He has travelled on assignments throughout the United States and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. His approach to photography is what he calls 'un-manipulated non-fiction imagery.'

'Divided We Stand' is the latest title in a catalogue of 18 photobooks published by Albumen Publishing. All books can be ordered from the Albumen Gallery website (

Albumen Publishing is the photo book publishing arm of Albumen Gallery. Albumen Gallery is a London based fine art photography gallery and dealer specialising in 20th century and contemporary photography. Since its inception Albumen Gallery has responded to increasingly shifting trends in how photographic art is experienced and purchased by collectors. In a world where online immediacy and global availability become accepted and expected, Albumen Gallery is constantly developing the format and features of online exhibitions as an accepted platform for exhibiting art.


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