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Leading pet wearable manufacturers across the globe include GoPro Inc., Petpuls, Garmin, Dairymaster, Datamars, DogTelligent Inc., Fitbark Inc., and Motorola Solutions.

Pune, India, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global pet wearable market size is projected to show tremendous growth during the forecast period as pet owners have become increasingly aware and concerned about the health of their pets. This has resulted in the invention of different technologies that keep a close eye on a pet’s health. Today, there are fitness systems dedicated to help owners track the overall health progress of a companion animal in a much easier and efficient way.

Pet stores across the world have even introduced wearable devices for pet owners; these devices are similar to the fitness wearables that people use to keep a track on their health and fitness. Pet wearables are like these devices that track parameters like checking heart rate, temperature, calories burned and consumed and alert sensors to let the owners know if there is a potential risk to their pets’ health.

Some of the trends that will prove vital to the progress of global pet wearable market are mentioned below:

Smart harnesses for pets in North America:

Pet wearable market in North America is reported to be worth more than $7 billion by the end of 2026. This industry is divided into various products like smart collars, smart harnesses, smart vests and smart cameras. Out of these products, it is being predicted that the smart harnesses segment will experience steady growth during the forecast period of 2020-2026. A major reason for this is that these harnesses provide comfort to pets while they wear fitness wearables.

Today, smart harnesses are equipped with quick-release buckles and even have heavily padded chest harnesses to ensure maximum comfort to pets of all sizes. These harnesses have computer chips in them that send important health information to the owners and even creates computer-based communication between the owners and their pets.

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Use of GPS-enabled pet wearables in the U.S.:

GPS-enabled pet wearables are witnessing incredible increase in demand among the consumers in North America. One of the most important reasons for this is the several benefits attached with using GPS-backed wearables. These devices help the pet owners track the location of their pets if they go missing or are lost. According to a report released by The Animal Legal Defense Fund, almost 2 million pets are stolen in the U.S. every year.

This worrying figure has prompted many pet owners to go for GPS-enabled devices to easily track their pets and know their exact location not only when they are lost but to help pet hostel owners keep track of the animals.

Commercial use of pet wearables increases:

The commercial sector will greatly drive pet wearable market growth in North America. Trainers who train dogs for various purposes will use these wearables on the dogs to understand their overall progress. For example, Garmin Ltd. launched its Delta Smart activity tracker and training systems dedicated to training dogs and works with Garmin Canine.

This training system helps in the corrective training of dogs to bring in behavior that the pet owner or trainer desires them to practice. These wearables are quite useful for doctors to get the correct diagnosis and treatment of an unknown health condition.

Use of smart pet vests in Europe:

Europe pet wearable market size will be worth more than $2 billion by the forecast period ending 2026. The smart vests segment is reported to show strong growth potential. Pet safety has gained prime importance among the consumers because of the worrying rise in the number of pets being stolen or missing in the past few years.

This has led to the introduction of smart vests in the region. These vests are equipped with hidden cameras and get turned on when the dog barks. This enables the pet owners to keep clear track of their activities. The video captured is connected to the owners’ smartphones which can then be streamed live.

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Rising number of missing pets in Europe:

There is an alarming increase in the number of missing pet cases in countries like France, Germany, the UK, and Spain. This has prompted several pet owners to go for pet wearables with advanced technologies to keep effective track of their movements. The introduction of GPS trackers in these devices has only increased the demand for them by many folds in the region as they help the owners in getting accurate location of their missing pets.

Fenced borders can be placed, and pets can be kept within these borders. If the pet tries to cross the fence, then the wearable device will alert them about the same.

Rise in disposable income across the Asia Pacific:

Pet wearable market revenue in Asia Pacific is estimated to be $1.5 billion by the end of 2026. The population of countries across Asia Pacific is seeing great rise in its disposable income which. As per the reports of the World Economic Forum, countries like India and China will have a significant contribution of 60% towards the global economy growth.

The digital era is gripping these nations and there is rise in the demand for labor force from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines as well. This has resulted in rise in the overall per-capita income of the citizens. Asia Pacific is even seeing a significant rise in the purchase of pet products among its population, contributing towards the growth of the industry share.

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RFID tagging for farm animals in Australia:

RFID tagging for farm animals is an obligatory practice among the rural population in Australia. This will immensely benefit pet wearable market in the country. According to the guidelines released by the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), every farm animal including sheep, goats and cattle must be given the RFID tagging to keep a close eye on their activities and to help them trace signs of illness.

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