Allied Corp. Announces Launch of Allied Corp Brands E-commerce Portal with Tactical Relief™, Equilibrium Bio™ and MaXXa™ branded products now for sale in the United States

KELOWNA, British Columbia, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allied Corp. ("Allied" or the “Company”) (OTCQB: ALID) an international medical company focused on creating and providing health solutions to address today’s medical mental health issues is pleased to announce that it has now launched the e-commerce portal selling Allied’s CBD products in the United States. All products and brands can be previewed at

In addition to the launch of the e-commerce portal, Allied is working towards many multi-state distributor contracts to get these products onto shelves in bricks and mortar retail locations. With the launch of this e-commerce portal, Allied has now launched products under its three brands. At this point, all products are hemp derived CBD products. The three Allied brands encompass a military, athletic and anti-aging line of products.

The products included under each respective brand are listed below.

About the Allied Brands:

About the TACTICAL RELIEF™ Brand (
Tactical Relief™ is a patriotic brand under which health and wellness products are brought to market to serve veterans and first responders. The flagship product “Liberty” is a hemp derived CBD tincture for sale in the US. Additional products include Tactical Hydration, a CBD infused electrolyte replacement drink.

Some of the Tactical Relief ™ products currently offered under this brand:

  • Tactical Relief ™ Tactical Hydration – a CBD infused electrolyte replacement drink with sodium citrated electrolyte replacement in three refreshing flavors.
  • Tactical Relief ™ Liberty – A mint and vanilla flavored 1000mg CBD tincture fortified with specific terpene profile.
  • Tactical Relief ™ FIZZ Tablets – 35mg CBD fizz tablets for adding to your water bottle.
  • Tactical Relief ™ Battle Balm – CBD roll on activity rub for aches and pains.
  • Tactical Relief ™ Quick Hit – CBD gummies.

Equilibrium Bio is a lifestyle brand that is focused on everything Athletic. From Crossfit workouts to Ironman races to general athletic consumers, Equilibrium Bio products are there with the athlete along the entire competitive journey. Hydration and recovery are the primary areas of focus for this brand and it’s products.

Some of the Equilibrium Bio™ products currently offered under this brand:

  • Equilibrium Bio™ - Hydrosport CBD Drink – a CBD infused electrolyte replacement drink with sodium citrate electrolyte replacement in three refreshing flavors.
  • Equilibrium Bio™ Hydrosport Tincture – 1000mg CBD tincture fortified with specific terpene profile.
  • Equilibrium Bio™ FIZZ Tablets – 35mg CBD fizz tab for adding to your water bottle.
  • Equilibrium Bio™ Sport Rub – CBD post activity rub for aches and pains.
  • Equilibrium Bio™ Quick Hit – CBD gummies with vitamin B12.

About MaXXa™ Brand – (
An aesthetically sleek brand that is focused on developing natural CBD infused cosmetics and beauty products. There are currently six unique products in the catalogue. These products are specifically targeted with beauty and anti-aging in mind.

Some of the MaXXa™ products currently offered under this brand:

  • MaXXa™ Skin Structure - Skin Structure is a facial formula topically applied to improve skin’s radiance and youthfulness.
  • MaXXa™ Eye Recover - Eye Recover is based on antioxidant power of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Ultra-hydrating eye serum helps the delicate eye skin ward off free radicals as well as helping to protect against sun damage. 
  • MaXXa™ Glossy Lip Recover - Glossy Lip Recover moisturizes and nourishes the lips and gives them a silky smoothness. Enriched with rich fruit extracts - beeswax as well as oils and butter - this lip gloss moisturizes, beautifies and revitalises your lips.
  • MaXXa™ Skin Designer – skin designer uplifts your skin with the power of CBD extracts and hyaluronic acid. This product stimulates cell regeneration while minimizing age spots.
  • MaXXa™ Vitamin Absolute - Vitamin Absolute is a soothing, calming and all-around moisturizing facial oil. 
  • MaXXa™ Absolute Recover - this specialized formulation allows the infused bioactive compounds to be delivered directly to the desired areas of inflammation, pain and other skin ailments. 

“Creating a brand presence and launching products for sale in the United States is a key part of our business plan. Developing sales and distribution relationships while the US moves closer to national legalization of all cannabis products is a key part of Allied’s supply chain,” said Calum Hughes CEO of Allied.

About Allied Corp. -

Allied Corp. is an international heath company with a mission to address today’s medical issues by researching, creating and producing targeted health solutions. Allied Corp. uses an evidence-informed scientific approach to make this mission possible, through cutting-edge pharmaceutical research and development, innovative plant- and mushroom-based development of therapeutic products.

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