KOSDAQ-listed Kencoa Aerospace Partners with SyncFab to Digitally Streamline and Secure Manufacturing Supply Chain with MFG Blockchain

Tier-1 partnership serves shared industry leading space and defense clients

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kencoa Aerospace Corporation, a KOSDAQ-listed global aerospace and defense manufacturing and materials company has partnered with SyncFab, the first Manufacturing Blockchain® and Supply Chain Blockchain® solution for parts suppliers and buyers, to deliver digital transformation convenience and efficiencies to shared industry leading clients in the space, aerospace and defense industries.

Both companies have long lists of clients including the aerospace industry’s top space and defense OEMs and suppliers.

“As a strategic Tier 1 OEM partner on the SyncFab platform, Kencoa Aerospace would be able to utilize the blockchain smart contracts technology, digital thread compliance and data-driven smart manufacturing, optimizing end-to-end supply chain compliance and digital traceability supporting their tier 1 relationships and commercial requirements. The goals of the partnership include integrating the capacity and capabilities of Kencoa with our manufacturing blockchain solution for MFG incentivized RFQs, MFG part tokenization and part traceability, material traceability, compliance and data security - offering a uniquely agile supply chain solution for international OEM program management with dynamic supply chain planning requirements following recent COVID-19 revamp challenges. Our partnership expands our ecosystem broadening the scope of MFG enterprise blockchain structural implementation and adoption” said SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin.

“We’ve been in NASA, Boeing, Lockheed and other major Space OEMs’ supply chain for over 10 years, supplying titanium, steel and nickel alloys. Our proven track record has paved the way to make a good deal with emerging space companies in the United States, which we’re delighted to complement by integrating with SyncFab both in the US and Korean markets to attain both US domestic and Pan-Asian supply chain efficiencies,” said Kencoa CEO Kenneth Minkyu Lee.

SyncFab’s blockchain solutions are already being made accessible to more than 1,200 Swissmem SME members in Europe with the opportunity to supply for the Swiss Armed Forces Project Air 2030’s offset requirements. The deal was publicly recognized by the Swiss Department of Defense Communications. SyncFab has also been working to facilitate blockchain integration for SME suppliers in the USA in partnership with the 1400 members of the NTMA.

Kencoa is a supplier to Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GKN, Gulfstream and Spirit Aerosystems as noted on their website.

About SyncFab

SyncFab is a distributed manufacturing platform founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley that streamlines the way OEM hardware supply chain buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely using blockchain technology. Learn more about how SyncFab benefits Prime Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

About Kencoa Aerospace

Kencoa Aerospace LLC, located in the Heart of Georgia Regional Airport Industrial Park in Eastman, Georgia USA is a premier Tier-1 supplier of multi-axis precision machined and sheet metal fabricated aerostructures, jet engine components, and major assemblies for commercial, military and business/regional jets worldwide. Kencoa’s capabilities and state-of-the-art advanced technologies provide customers with high-quality, high-value, cost competitive products and services. It has another affiliate, Los Angeles-based California Metal & Supply Inc., producing special materials and alloys for space rockets, engines and other products. Learn more about Kencoa Aerospace by visiting its website.

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KOSDAQ-listed Kencoa Aerospace Partners with SyncFab to Digitally Streamline and Secure Manufacturing Supply Chain with MFG Blockchain