Global $31.7 Billion Tuna Fish Markets to 2027: Albacore Tuna, Longtail Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna

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Global Tuna Fish Market will be US$ 31.7 Billion by 2027, from US$ 26.1 Billion in 2020

Tuna Industry Globally will grow with a CAGR of 2.82% from 2020 to 2027.

Globally, advancement in technology and the physical development of fishing continuously develop. The introduction of FADs called Fishing Aggregating Devices by the purse seine fleet has a great impact on fishing nowadays. This technology boosted the small-sized tuna catches.

Tuna Fish constitute the genus Thunnus which belongs to the Mackerel family. It is the essential fish commodities across the globe. Worldwide catches of commercial tuna species have increased in recent years, and its import volume of fresh and frozen has also increased. The most important species catches are skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye, bluefin - however, Pacific bluefin and Southern bluefin species caught in smaller quantity.

Many parts across the globe, like Europe, Asian countries, have a tradition of consuming non canned tuna, and nowadays, this has expanded throughout the world, particularly in North American countries. Factors driving this market are surging demand for canned tuna, rising disposable income in developing nations, and inclination towards ready to eat food due to hectic lifestyles.

As per our study, it has seen that countries like Japan, China, European countries, North American countries owing to the trends of consuming tuna and this will grow in the upcoming years. Apart from that, the import tariff on imported canned tuna was very low in Middle East countries.

Stocks status reviewed as per FAO

  • All the assessment by each tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO)
  • Reviews were based on whether the biomass is above or below the reference point and whether fishing mortality is higher or lower than the level equivalent to the sustainable yield.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction

2. Research & Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.2 Challenges

5. Global Tuna Fish Production Analysis
5.1 Market
5.2 Volume

6. Share Analysis
6.1 Market Share
6.1.1 By Importing Country
6.1.2 By Exporting Country
6.2 Volume Share
6.2.1 By Production Species

7. Production - Tuna Fish Market and Volume by Species
7.1 Skipjack Tuna
7.1.1 Market
7.1.2 Volume
7.2 Yellowfin Tuna
7.2.1 Market
7.2.2 Volume
7.3 Bigeye Tuna
7.3.1 Market
7.3.2 Volume
7.4 Longtail Tuna
7.4.1 Market
7.4.2 Volume
7.5 Albacore Tuna
7.5.1 Market
7.5.2 Volume

8. Import - Tuna Fish Market by Country
8.1 Japan
8.2 United States
8.3 South Korea
8.4 France
8.5 Spain
8.6 Italy
8.7 Russia
8.8 Netherlands
8.9 Germany
8.10 United Kingdom

9. Export - Tuna Fish Market by Country
9.1 Vietnam
9.2 South Korea
9.3 Indonesia
9.4 Spain
9.5 China
9.6 Turkey
9.7 France
9.8 Croatia
9.9 Morocco
9.10 Malta

10. Company Analysis
10.1 Seatrade
10.1.1 Overviews
10.1.2 Recent Developments
10.1.3 Revenues
10.2 Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc
10.2.1 Overviews
10.2.2 Recent Developments
10.2.3 Revenues
10.3 Atalanta Corporation
10.3.1 Overviews
10.3.2 Recent Developments
10.3.3 Revenues
10.4 Ideal Foods Ltd
10.4.1 Overviews
10.4.2 Recent Developments
10.4.3 Revenues
10.5 Sea Delights
10.5.1 Overviews
10.5.2 Recent Developments
10.5.3 Revenues

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