Mobile and Wireless Backhaul Market to Experience Tremendous Growth due to Increasing Number of Smartphone and Data Users Globally - Exclusive Report by Research Dive

The global mobile and wireless backhaul market is set to gain significance due to the rising demand for better network. The Asia Pacific market is predicted to dominate the global market due to the presence of various smartphone companies in the region.

New York, USA, May 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The latest report by Research Dive states that the global mobile and wireless backhaul market is set to witness a considerable growth in market revenue within the forecast period.

Market Dynamics

The various technological developments and the convenience factor that comes in with a smartphone has led to a majority of the population to own it. It is also an integral part of people’s lives, not only because of its features, but also because there’s a lot of information stored in it. The constantly rising number of people having smartphones is one of the primary factors of growth for the market.

On the contrary, there are several cities and towns around the globe which are extremely remote and practically inaccessible. Though there is large demand for mobile and wireless backhaul technology, these places are unable to receive network because the companies cannot install network towers out there which is one of the main restraining factors.

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Unavailability of the spectrum is estimated to restrain the growth of global mobile and wireless backhaul market

At places where congestion with respect to the number of available mobile communication towers with high number of users or remote locations where the network is poor any kind of free network spectrum is unavailable. The large demand for mobile and wireless backhaul devices and unavailability of the required capacity of these devices has created a gap for the mobile and wireless backhaul services. These factors can hamper the demand for mobile and wireless backhaul in the forecast period.

Growing adoption of the use of connected services lucrative opportunities in the market

The rising shift towards smart technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and connected devices based on internet of things internet of things (IoT) are expected to increase the scope of the mobile and wireless backhaul globally. This factor is estimated to have a significant impact on the growth of this market. In addition to this, the growing demand for faster internet connections with noticeable increase in use of video streaming services in various applications is expected to increase the demand for telecom devices such as mobile and wireless backhaul. These factors are projected to create enormous opportunities for the market.

Segmental Analysis

The report divided the market by service, network technology, and region.

Network Services Sub-segment Set to Dominate the Market

The large number of people opting for the using smartphones and in turn also subscribing to data or a network connection worldwide has helped the network services sub-segment grow.

4G LTE Sub-Segment to Gain the Highest Market Share

The 4G LTE type of data is one of the fastest ones available in the market and most telecom companies have been seeing an increased demand for more 4G connections. This has led to the sub-segment gaining momentum in the market during the forecast period.

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Regional Analysis

The Asia Pacific region is predicted to witness immense growth due to the increasing number of smartphone users along with the presence of multiple smartphones companies in the region.

Mobile and Wireless Backhaul Market Key Players

As per the report, some of the noteworthy brands working on helping the market grow further are

  1. Cisco System Inc.
  2. Ericsson Telecommunication Equipment Company
  3. ZTE Corporation
  4. Alvarion Ltd
  5. Centro Ltd
  6. Fujitsu Ltd
  7. ECI Telecom
  8. Nokia
  9. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
  10. Adc Telecommunication Inc
  11. Anda Networks
  12. Alcatel-Lucent,
  13. Bridge Wave Communications
  14. MRV Communications

The report also provides an overview of many important aspects including financial performance of the key players, SWOT analysis, product portfolio, and latest strategic developments. For instance, in September 2020, ZTE Corporation, a leading manufacturer of consumer technology and telecommunications announced their decision to launch a 5G powered smartphone. Termed as ZTE Axon 20 5G, this phone is set to firstly launched in China and is said to carry additional features such as a high-quality camera as well as full screen display.

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