Post-COVID Markets aid Partnerships and Faster Sales Growth in Quarter and Beyond

TITUSVILLE, Fla., May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Apple Rush Company, Inc. (US OTC PINK: APRU), announces that its partner Botanaway, Inc. has ordered an additional truckload of Speciosa Soda and Element C, and UMIG has ordered an additional seven pallets of water and juices.

Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush, stated, “Sales are beginning to grow, and reorders are coming in regularly. We have been receiving reorders on all of our functional beverage lines and we look forward to accelerated growth in the next quarters. Our business is really continuing to blossom, and we will continue to grow through both organic means and acquisition where we see a benefit for our shareholders. As we grow, we will continue to update shareholders where and when we feel it is beneficial. We will not just put out news to put additional liquidity into the markets as we are building a real business and deployment of capital is going to be strategic. Our main method of communications is going to still be through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while using PR’s to announce material events. We may delay some material events information if it is tied to multiple transactions in order to maintain negotiation leverage.”

David Reynolds Derian, CEO of Botanaway Inc., said, “Speciosa Soda has been the easiest account opening product we have developed and our success at retail is due to unique active ingredients created by Botanaway and the formulation provided by APRU. Our success at our tradeshows has been unprecedented. So, I am excited to be both an investor and partner. We are featuring Element C beverages with our own brands in our catalog and at our tradeshows.”

Jim Buechler, UMIG distributing partner said, “Throughout the past year, trying to navigate several situations, among but not limited to the pandemic, relatively new CBD infused beverage market and working towards a positive public perception of how beneficial CBD can be for a variety of conditions. UMIG Distributing has realized consistent growth in 2020. Existing locations continued to reorder Element C, with many of the locations reporting more and more repeat consumers. Since the beginning of 2021 we have seen even more acceptance for the product, with existing locations reordering and popularity spreading. At the current rate of growth in sales we expect to exceed our optimistic projections for this current year. The success we have realized, we feel is directly attributed to having the best tasting, most effective CBD infused juice on the market. Along with effective consumer education, and an effective marketing approach, we are seeing more and more larger market locations, such as, Petro Stopping Center and Flying J Travel Center. We feel very fortunate to have a company like APRU, and CEO, Tony Torgerud, whom has been willing to listen in the past and help moving forward. The future looks very promising.”

Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush continued, “We are excited to have the partners and investors that we do. We don’t have any toxic financing, have access to great capital partners, and plan to build this business differently. We will build this business with hard work and the highest ethical standards possible. We will make several clarifying announcements of our latest acquisition at the right time. We are negotiating with several funders to continue the growth in our distribution channels.”

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The Apple Rush Company, Inc., through its subsidiary APRU, LLC, is a distributor of CPG products under the trademarked Apple Rush brand, Element brand and other labels. The Apple Rush brand has almost 49 years of existence in the natural beverage industry. As a historical leader in the organic and natural beverage sector our goal is to now become a leader in the distribution of anhydrous hemp oil products nationwide. For more information, please go to,, and with our expanded product portfolio.

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