Second Life Mac Releases Free EdTech Refresh Guides for District Superintendents and IT Directors

SKOKIE, Ill., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Second Life Mac, an Apple device buyback company, has released two free guides to demystify the process selling back digital learning devices in K-12 school districts. Click to Tweet.

The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Devices for Superintendents” and “The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Devices for IT Directors” are step-by-step blueprints to help district administrators and IT directors easily trade-in used digital learning devices to fund sustainable digital learning programs.

A recent study of technology lifecycle practices in K-12 districts across the United States conducted with Project Tomorrow®, a national education nonprofit organization, shows that while district administrators and technology leaders are familiar with the practice of selling used digital learning devices to a buyback company, just a fraction of schools are doing so.

“The main reason districts don’t participate in a sellback program is a lack of understanding of how they work,” said Scott Pauga, CEO of Second Life Mac. “These two new guides, tailor-made for superintendents and IT directors, explain the process and provide valuable strategies for maximizing the value of used devices.”

The guides outline the basic concepts of selling back used devices, and also detail helpful information including:

  • What happens to devices after they are sold
  • How to determine total cost of ownership of devices
  • How to achieve sustainable digital learning programs
  • Strategies for boosting the value of devices
  • How to select a buyback partner
  • Best practices for contracts that protect districts

“Our goal is to make it easy for districts to afford the best digital learning devices, and these new eBooks aim to demystify a process that many district leaders don’t understand,” said Pauga.

More information about the free guides is available at

About Second Life Mac
Second Life Mac is disrupting the device buyback industry by coupling the best Apple lifecycle expertise with outstanding customer service, start to finish custody of devices, and the most transparent process. The used devices Second Life Mac procures from schools and businesses are refurbished, data is securely erased to Department of Defense standards, and they are resold via wholesale and retail channels. Headquartered in Skokie, Ill., the company is an Entrepreneur 360 winner, and has won awards for its innovation by EdTech Digest and Tech & Learning. More information is available at or on Twitter @SecondLifeMac.

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