PissedConsumer.com Launches Self-Recorded Interview Option for Consumers

Online consumer advocacy and consumer news website, www.PissedConsumer.com, launched a new self-recorded video interview feature as part of its expanding collection of online reviews and consumer interviews

NEW YORK, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PissedConsumer.com introduced a new self-recorded video interview option for online reviews, opening video review opportunities to more visitors. Increased demand comes as the company finds a 500% greater chance of satisfactory resolutions to online reviews when they include media such as video interviews.

Self-recorded video interviews allow visitors to record on their own schedule rather than needing to schedule time with an interviewer. This allows for a greater number of video reviews to be recorded and published.

"Experience shows companies more often take notice of business reviews featuring additional media,” said Joanna Simpson of PissedConsumer.com. “The added publicity of video interviews, both on the website and via social media, helps draw the attention of company representatives, increasing the chance consumer problems get resolved.”

With the new self-recorded consumer interviews, interview questions appear on the user’s screen, allowing them to create their own videos by following simple on-screen instructions.

“By allowing visitors to record their own video interviews, we hope to make the feature more accessible,” said Simpson. “Not only will this make the recording process more convenient, but it will ease pressure and stress on consumers when they can record whenever and wherever they’re most comfortable. It also means visitors can record video when their experiences are fresh in their minds rather than waiting for available interview times.”

To learn more about PissedConsumer.com’s consumer video interviews or to see examples of past video business reviews, please visit https://www.pissedconsumer.com/video-interviews.html.

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