POSTD Merchant Banque Highlights South American Bank Acquisition

LOS ANGELES, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- POSTD Merchant Banque (OTC: PMBY) (“the Company”), announces near term business plan and objectives for recent acquisition Banco PyME de la Comunidad SA.


In order for PMB Banco PyME de la Comunidad SA to increase its clients and deposits in the short term, it has planned to develop the following activities:


Achieving Swift correspondence with 24-hour service in the national Bolivian market is a competitive advantage that must be analyzed in two areas:

  • Internal Scope of the bank, It constitutes an advantage since operations could be carried out in shorter times and terms, and a Cost Benefit analysis must be carried out in relation to Commissions, Exchange Rates, etc. Another fundamental factor is to establish the position in the FOREX market, which requires specialized people with experience in comprehensive management, not only operational for the department.
  • External Scope of the bank- Specifically with the National Banks that would see in this situation a manifest weakness and an inferior position as far as competitiveness is concerned. An initial alternative is to generate "Agreements and / or Pacts of Gentlemen" to work in a joint and coordinated way in the concept of "Win Win" with the manifest commitment on our part that there would be no theft of clients, for which we would have to establish control mechanisms to achieve this task.



PMB Banco de la Comunidad SA will give financing options to the Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Zinc, and other high-value minerals mining sectors.


This project will be implemented in the lands located in Vinto Cochabamba, containing more than 5 hectares of land, and will be developed to make high security deposits for the storage of commodities such as Gold, Silver, and other high-value minerals.


Construction project of 250 homes with a total investment of USD 25 million, the amount required for the project is USD 15 million. Leave a profit of USD. 12 million, only in construction and sale. To this must be added the interest costs of the loans granted to the successful bidders and the increase in the portfolio of PMB Banco de la Comunidad SA.


The objective of the Nueva Santa Cruz project is to carry out the construction of an urban model made up of 100,000 housing solutions in apartment towers, all with first-class materials and services, thought and designed to provide a comprehensive quality of life equipped with all the Public and intelligent infrastructure, with a futuristic vision, centered on people, pleasant and comfortable, that ensures a better quality of life for all its inhabitants.

About Banco PyME de la Comunidad SA

Banco PyME engages in Funds, Trusts, Financial Instruments and other Commercial Services. With over 400 employees, it operates offices/branches in the major cities in Bolivia including La Paz, Cochabamba, Beni, Pando, Potosi, Oruro, Taija, and Chuquisaca.

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About POSTD Merchant Banque

POSTD Merchant Banque (PM Banque) is a duly registered non-depository financial institution that offers clients access to growth capital in the private markets through institutional debt or equity, far beyond what traditional banks can and will provide. Combining global reach with personal, bespoke service, we provide our clients with comprehensive corporate finance advisory services tailored to fit to your needs.  

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