Eight Month Undercover Investigation Exposes Illegal Activities & Companion Animals Slaughtered in South Korea’s Dog Meat Industry

Academy Award Winning Actress Kim Basinger Narrates New Video Released by Last Chance for Animals and Animal Liberation Wave Encouraging Global Citizens to Take Action

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last Chance for Animals (LCA), an international animal rights organization, and their South Korean sister organization, Animal Liberation Wave (ALW), have released a comprehensive undercover investigation into South Korea’s dog meat industry. Narrated by Academy-award-winning actress Kim Basinger, the footage documented systemic cruelty and illegal activities towards companion animals and purpose-bred meat dogs, at auctions, markets, farms, and slaughterhouses. The investigation gives a glimpse into the cruel pipeline of the one million dogs raised, sold, and slaughtered for meat in South Korea each year.

For eight months, beginning in October 2020 to May 2021, the investigation focused on two of the largest dog meat vendors in the Seongnam Moran Market, a.k.a. the “mecca of dog meat” and other facilities associated with them. Undercover investigators documented live dogs being supplied to slaughterhouses from Moran Market, a dog auction house near Yeoju City, a dog meat farm near Eumseong City, and a slaughterhouse in Yeoju City. Cruelty to animals was documented at all facilities by investigators.

In response, LCA and ALW filed a lawsuit in South Korea on July 9, 2021, against the slaughterers and auctioneers with the Suwon Prosecution Office for animal cruelty acts in violation of South Korea’s Animal Protection Act.

LCA/ALW investigators documented a steady stream of live dogs taken to the market, transported to slaughterhouses at night, and dead dogs delivered back in the morning.

Dog auctions were held three times a week at an illegal auction discovered near Yeoju City. Investigators witnessed dogs being painfully dragged by rope around their necks, into waiting trucks that would take them to nearby slaughterhouses. A farm near Eumseong City houses over 2,000 dogs who spend their entire lives crammed into cages, standing on wire floors, and eating rotten food.

At the slaughterhouse in Yeoju City, investigators documented extreme cruelty to animals. Fighting for their lives, dogs were forcefully dragged into the slaughterhouse one by one, only to be systematically electrocuted by workers with electric rods. Many dogs were painfully electrocuted while crammed into their small transport crates. In one heartbreaking scene, a dog recoils in fear as he watches a dog electrocuted in a neighboring cage. Killing dogs in front of one another is a violation of South Korea’s Animal Protection Act. Many dogs wore collars, showing at one time in their lives, they were most likely someone’s beloved companion.

Although the vast majority of South Koreans oppose dogs being killed for meat, the Government has continued to ignore public outcry, and has failed to advance prior legislation to ban dog slaughter. Last Chance for Animals and Animal Liberation Wave are calling on the South Korean Government to immediately pass a new dog slaughter ban introduced in the current 2020-2024 National Assembly. The bill is an amendment to the Animal Protection Act prohibiting the act of slaughtering and processing of dogs and cats to use or sell for food. The bill states that "the perception that dogs are pets/companions is prevalent around the world” and that “China, Taiwan, and others have recently taken measures to phase out dog meat consumption."

LCA and ALW are calling on people around the world to take action at www.stopdogmeat.com and demand an end to the cruelty.

The undercover investigation video, narrated by Kim Basinger, can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQJrplYLA_I

LCA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and public awareness campaigns. Since its formation in 1984, LCA has succeeded as one of the nation's pioneer animal advocacy groups. LCA's educational and public outreach programs have empowered the public to make positive changes for animals in their communities. For more information, visit https://www.lcanimal.org/

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