Nubeva Announces Trend Micro as Licensee of SKI Decryption Technology

Cybersecurity Leader Deploying Nubeva Technology Across Multiple Product Lines

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nubeva Technologies (TSX-V: NBVA, OTC: NBVAF), a developer of B2B decryption software that broadens network traffic security and visibility, today announces Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity, has completed initial integrations and is set to release product to market.

“We are excited to announce Trend Micro as a customer following the successful integration of SKI. Having a true industry leader as a production customer continues the validation of our offering both technologically and in terms of business value,” said Steve Perkins, Nubeva’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Embedding SKI capabilities into Trend Micro’s product suite helps them solve growing visibility challenges with modern network encryption.”

“We see Nubeva’s technology as strategic, and we will be deploying it into multiple product sets,” said Blake Sutherland, vice president and general manager of Trend Micro TippingPoint. “Threats today are increasingly hiding under the cover of encryption inside normal flows of traffic. This is making it more and more difficult to detect, let alone stop them. With TLS evolving and being increasingly adopted, newer approaches to inspecting the traffic allows us to offer more comprehensive security services through deeper network visibility.”

Nubeva SKI (Session Key Intercept) OEM adoption is growing as the industry's answer for modern TLS decryption, allowing security and application monitoring systems to see into more traffic, with unparalleled price-performance and simplicity. This includes the latest version of the network security protocol, TLS 1.3, and its various implementations across datacenter, cloud, desktop, mobile, IoT, and 5G. Learn more about Nubeva at

About Nubeva Technologies Ltd. 

Nubeva Technologies Ltd. Nubeva’s next-generation SKI (Session Key Intercept) technology represents a better, faster, easier, and lower-cost alternative to legacy decryption. Our solution provides a complete option for manufacturers, integrators, and managed services providers of cybersecurity and application assurance solutions. Today, nearly all network traffic uses TLS (formerly SSL) for security and privacy. Yet, enterprises still must see the data-in-motion to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats and application performance issues. With constant evolution in TLS protocols and the advancements in application, network, and computing architectures, gaps continue to grow in the legacy decryption methods. Nubeva’s SKI technology represents the next-generation solution for the industry moving forward. Visit for more information.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro's cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. As a leader in cloud and enterprise cybersecurity, the platform delivers a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for environments like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, and central visibility for better, faster detection and response. With 7,000 employees across 65 countries, Trend Micro enables organizations to simplify and secure their connected world.

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