RBC sponsors podcast that offers women a place for Honest Talk

Hosts Catherine Clark and Jennifer Stewart believe authentic conversations amongst women can make a big difference in their lives

OTTAWA, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If ever women have needed some straight talk between each other, it has been over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, The Honest Talk is proud to announce RBC as a sponsor of the popular bi-weekly podcast that provides a platform for women to share their stories and gain insights and inspiration from one another.

From athletes and trade commissioners to authors and politicians, The Honest Talk podcast’s guestlist is impressive. Well-known names such as former Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, TV star Mary Walsh, Olympian Perdita Felicien, singer Serena Ryder and social justice advocate for First Nations Pam Palmater are just a few of the diverse names the duo have chatted with in recent months.

“Nothing is left on the table,” says Catherine Clark. “We’ve had our guests talk about personal issues, transgender transitions, infertility and other medical problems, racism, parenting and career advancement obstacles because we want to take an honest look at the opportunities and challenges these women have encountered in their personal and professional lives in order to give inspiration to other women who might be going through similar situations.”

RBC believes tapping into unique perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures is powerful, and has a long history of supporting working women as well as diversity and inclusion.

“Canada is home to some of the most trailblazing women who are leading and shaping important conversations and actions around topics such as parenting and women’s health, social and political issues, and career advancement to entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, sporting standards and sweeping industry innovations,” says Greg Grice, Executive Vice President, Business Financial Services at RBC. “At RBC, we feel there’s still a wealth of important, yet untapped stories that need to be told to educate, connect and inspire women and Canadians at large around these important topics. By sponsoring The Honest Talk, RBC is proud to play a part in uncovering and sharing the valuable experiences and diverse perspectives of more Canadian women across the country.”

Both hosts are proud of what they have accomplished with the podcast so far, and are committed to producing more content with highly motivated, dynamic and professional women – to provide practical tools while sharing their motivations, concerns, objectives and opinions. And the two women are very focussed on casting as wide a net as possible for their conversations.

“We work hard to ensure our guests represent every part of the country, and we’d like to bring on more inspirational women from the West and from the Territories,” says Jennifer Stewart. “In the future we look forward to bringing people together in-person once it’s safe to do so.”


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