Ed Dubrovsky Joins Qnext Corp. in Key Advisory Role

Leading Cyber Breach Responder Will Serve as Executive Cyber Advisor to CEO and Board of Award-winning Zero Trust Security Developer

TORONTO, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ed Dubrovsky, a leading information security expert and management executive who has built and led cyber consulting practices for nearly three decades, joins Qnext Corp. this month as Executive Cyber Advisor to the CEO and Board, it was announced today by Qnext Corp. president and CEO Anthony DeCristofaro.

Mr. Dubrovsky will advise Qnext Corp. -- the award-winning developer of FileFlex™ Enterprise, the world’s first Zero Trust Remote Data Access (ZTDA) platform -- on security operations, cyber risk and cyber intelligence, data loss and protection, breach investigations and forensics, identity and access management, governance and security architecture.

The Zero Trust Architecture of FileFlex™ Enterprise provides secure remote access and sharing of today’s modern hybrid-IT infrastructure, putting it under IT control and reducing the need for VPN access, which is frequently the attack vector of choice for threat actors. 

Mr. Dubrovsky has built and led cyber consulting practices in a number of organizations. He is responsible for helping thousands of victims across North America recover from some of the most devastating cyberattacks, including ransomware, business email compromises, extortion attacks, malicious insiders and advanced persistent threats.

“Ed’s leadership in cyber risk and cyber intelligence brings to Qnext superior expertise in real-time analysis of immediate and developing security threats. His deep knowledge will be a valuable asset and resource for Qnext as FileFlex Enterprise becomes the world benchmark in Zero Trust remote data access for document files and folders,” says Mr. DeCristofaro.

“In the age where cyber-attacks are reaching a pandemic scale in both frequency and impact, a paradigm shift is needed to control access to crown-jewels data in a manner that is auditable, reliable and limits the attack surface for threat actors looking to exfiltrate data prior to encryption. Qnext’s FileFlex platform is one solution that all organizations should consider implementing as part of their sophisticated, layered, zero-trust security program. Proactive strategies such as the FileFlex solution are a must in defending organizations,” says Mr. Dubrovsky.

Mr. Dubrovsky is focused on helping organizations develop resilient infrastructures and effective cyber security programs that are fundamentally structured to rapidly adapt to new threat actor tools, techniques, and processes through the use of effective controls coupled with relevant intelligence.

When Mr. Dubrovsky is not busy helping clients, he can be found teaching at York University’s cyber security program where he sits on the advisory board and acts as both a course developer and an instructor.

Mr. Dubrovsky holds a number of academic and industry certifications, including BSc, MSc, MBA, OSCP and the CISSP designation (2002).

He is also a well-known leader in the cyber security field and has authored numerous articles in the areas of offensive security, practical measures to protect organizations, contributed to many media articles and is frequently sought after to present at numerous media and industry conferences across the globe.

About Qnext Corp.
Qnext Corp. (“Qnext”) is the award-winning, innovation company behind the industry's first Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) and sharing platform for today's global and diversified hybrid workforce. FileFlex Enterprise has created a new enterprise-scale technology service that unifies the access, security, and governance of data storage across multiple environments using a Zero Trust architecture designed to support today’s Hybrid-IT enterprise infrastructure. Qnext’s Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) platform also integrates with Intel SGX secure enclave technology. Qnext has begun building a global distribution network of security-focused partners and is a technology partner with NEC Platforms, Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). At Qnext, disruptive products are the passion, demonstrated in the details. For more information visit https://fileflex.com/.

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