2021 IDC Computer Vision Report recognizes Chooch AI for pushing Computer Vision to the next level

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chooch AI, the leading computer vision AI platform, has been cited for accelerating adoption of computer vision–powered solutions across industry verticals by leading research company IDC. Chooch AI models are ready to deploy now both in the cloud and on edge devices. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. Partners include NVIDIA, Intel, Dell, Deloitte, Convergint and Vantiq.

IDC states that, “Chooch AI's horizontal- and vertical-agnostic platform supports rapid data set generation capabilities using machine labeling techniques such as smart annotation, data augmentation, and use of synthetic data, along with pretrained ready-to-use models. They believe this will accelerate adoption and time to value computer vision–powered solutions across industry verticals.”

Please visit Chooch AI Computer Vision IDC Report to download.

Chooch AI is a complete computer vision training and deployment platform providing services across a broad range of industries. Chooch AI is being used at scale for enterprise applications including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, manufacturing and retail. Chooch AI provides an Edge AI deployment that automatically connects to local video feeds and can begin performing computer vision tasks in minutes.

About Chooch.AI
Chooch AI is the horizontal visual Al platform that replicates human visual tasks and processes by generating fast, accurate computer vision AI across a wide variety of industries. Chooch proprietary technology has been deployed at scale for industries including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail and the US government. Applications range widely from tracking surgical procedures, to mask detection and social distancing compliance, safety equipment assurance, intrusion monitoring, fire alerts, facial authentication, and image quality control. For more information or a technology demonstration, please visit www.chooch.ai or contact press@chooch.ai


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