Leaders Encourage Broad Coalition of Americans to Help Defend ‘the priceless heritage of every American”

First Liberty Institute, AFP, Franklin Graham, and others invite public to join comment asking the Presidential Commission on Supreme Court of the United States to reaffirm the judicial independence of SCOTUS.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Americans For Prosperity, Franklin Graham, and other prominent leaders joined with First Liberty Institute President, CEO, & Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford inviting the general public to join on a statement warning that the court-reform proposals debated by a presidential commission are dangerous, threatening religious liberty and judicial independence.  Other groups and leaders joining the coalition includes the American Family Association, Dr. James Dobson, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Brent Bozell of Media Research Center, David Barton and Tim Barton of WallBuilders. Over 20,000 citizens have already signed onto the public comment, which will be delivered to the Presidential Commission on Supreme Court of the United States (“Commission”) later this year.

The public comment, which can be read at SupremeCoup.com, will be available for the public to sign until September 15 when it will be filed with the commissioners of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States.

“Court-packing is an attempted coup by radical elites to overthrow our judicial system,” said Shackelford. “An independent judiciary is the last safeguard of our civil liberties.  The last thing our country needs right now is a coup on the Supreme Court.”

The letter reads in part, “Partisan ‘court reform’ proposals threaten the civil liberties of all Americans, and the political manipulation of our judiciary threatens the integrity of our constitutional democracy. An overwhelming majority of Americans reject proposals to ‘reform’ the Supreme Court of the United States by adding to the number of justices and by limiting judicial review.” It continues, “If politically motivated schemes to reform the Supreme Court are successful, the judiciary will no longer be a safeguard of our civil liberties. Instead, it will be little more than a political tool of the executive and legislative branches used to crush the freedom of all Americans.”

In April, the Wall Street Journal reported on polling indicating that 68% of American voters oppose court-packing. The Washington Examiner, in June, reported that a supermajority (69%) of voters reject any proposed court reform measure requiring a constitutional amendment.  

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