HIMSS 2021: Chooch AI Automates Healthcare With Computer Vision

AI reduces risk, lowers costs, accelerates research and increases safety in many areas of healthcare.

SAN MATEO, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition 2021 8/10-12 2021] Chooch AI, the leading computer vision AI platform, today announced the availability of computer vision models that will efficiently support healthcare. Chooch AI models have been developed and deployed for a growing number of applications and demos are available for these healthcare AI applications. Please visit us for a discussion or demo in Innovation Live, Startup Park Booth C100-78.

Smart Operating Rooms. Collects log information at beginning and end of medical procedures, counts and tracks all surgical protocols, devices and materials. The data generated triggers alerts, actions, and messages to the appropriate parties throughout the system.

Workplace and Patient Safety. Patient monitoring in hospital settings to detect issues such as falls or other activity. PPE detection is an industry agnostic application of computer vision that protects workers and reduces risk in many industries. In healthcare, these AI models can detect that safety equipment is used and procedures such as handwashing are followed.

Microscopy. Chooch AI can count cells on slides with 98% accuracy and 100+ times the speed of human cell counting. Chooch AI Models are currently being licensed for use in research facilities and microscopes. The main focus has been to accelerate drug discovery, but AI models have been created to detect types of cells.

Imaging Analysis. The Chooch AI platform is being used for several different imaging analysis use cases. Our AI models are extremely accurate, and fast to train. Any type of imaging process can be used to train AI and detect features for radiology analysis.

Chooch offers a computer vision platform to ingest data, generate data sets, train models, and deploy computer vision to the edge. Chooch relieves data scientists from time consuming tasks such as bundling different deep learning components, data collection, labeling, neural network selection, and others, before even training AI visual models. The company combined these steps into a scalable no-code solution.

Presentation at Innovation Live: The Value of Computer Vision in Healthcare
VP Strategy & Growth Chooch AI
Education 08-10-2021 03:15 PM Pacific

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Value of Computer Vision in Healthcare Webinar
With Matthew Bloom MD, MSEE, Cedars-Sinai, Mark Wolff Mark Wolff Chief Health and Life Science Analytics Strategist, SAS, Brad Genereaux Brad Genereaux Medical Imaging Alliance, NVIDIA and Michael Liou Michael Liou VP Strategy & Growth, Chooch AI

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About Chooch.AI
Chooch AI is the horizontal visual Al platform that replicates human visual tasks and processes by generating fast, accurate computer vision AI across a wide variety of industries. Chooch proprietary technology has been deployed at scale for industries including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail and the US government. Applications range widely from tracking surgical procedures, to mask detection and social distancing compliance, safety equipment assurance, intrusion monitoring, fire alerts, facial authentication, and image quality control. For more information or a technology demonstration, please visit www.chooch.ai or contact press@chooch.ai


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