Shield Introduces Industry-Defining, AI-Driven Alert Transparency to Financial Compliance

As financial market regulators work to eliminate market abuse in today’s digital and remote work environments, Shield’s pioneering Alert Transparency provides financial organizations with comprehensive compliance analysis

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shield, the world’s leading Workplace Intelligence platform for compliance teams, today announced it’s unveiling powerful Alert Transparency capabilities, bringing unmatched understanding to compliance alerts and triggers through artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing and other backend technologies. As regulators across the globe seek to define and understand AI’s role within financial institutions and AI-driven fintech companies struggle to offer true transparency because of their proprietary “black box” solutions, Alert Transparency provides detailed insight into why an alert was triggered so financial organizations can detect possible market manipulations, which has been particularly prevalent in today’s new hybrid work from home environment.

With the already-proven ability to automate surveillance through its award-winning artificial intelligence platform, Shield’s Alert Transparency provides compliance teams with an in-depth analysis and understanding of communication triggers, including the scenario, the rule that was compromised and an overall relevancy score. Because regulations and procedures can vary based on the specific financial organization, and how and where they operate, compliance officers are able to customize what triggers an alert to the specific needs of their company. A complete Workplace Intelligence platform, Shield’s Alert Transparency is able to pinpoint various risks across communication channels, including insider trading, spoofing, front-running, and even sexual harassment and racism.

“Now, more than ever before, there is an immense need to address compliance across all communication channels, especially given the new workplace environment where many are working from home in some sort of hybrid model,” said Nicole Aviv, Head of Product at Shield. “AI is not going anywhere as its potential value to financial organizations is too great to halt adoption, but it does require a level of human oversight that will be crucial to ensure it meets regulatory standards. As organizations seek out AI-driven fintech solutions that simplify daily workflows and processes, Shield is well positioned to offer a transparent and reliable solution that can eliminate dangerous market manipulations.”

As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), among other global regulatory agencies, work to eliminate market abuse, Shield’s AI platform provides organizations with an easy to implement and intuitive solution to maintain market integrity which is particularly crucial in today’s digital climate, as most banking and financial transactions are conducted online and many employees at financial institutions are working remotely.

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