Escape Team Events: The Best Team Building Events and Experiences in The UK to Suit Any Size of Business

Coventry, United Kingdom, Aug. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Team building events have always been integral to uniting workforces. However, in the past decade or so, these events have become more exciting, more engaging, and more empowering than ever before.

It’s largely down to the introduction of enthralling activities that take well known concepts and pop culture references and turn them into team building experiences. Now, rather than the outdated and tired ‘big day outs’, forcing employees to sit in conference rooms and awkwardly chit chat, businesses are instead opting for escape games, virtual gameshows, and even musical bingo.

Escape Team Events are part of a multi award winning company which specialises in creating physical and virtual team building events for clients across the world. With over 500,000 people already having experienced these adrenaline, thought-provoking and humour-filled events, they are the masters at entertaining, exciting, and engaging your team.

Below, we outline 8 of the most popular team building experiences that Escape Team Events have to offer:

  1. Sherlock Murder Mystery

Is there anything more intriguing than a murder mystery? Combine it with a classic Sherlock story, and you’ve got a winning combination.

This virtual team building murder mystery is suitable for groups of between 20-1,000 people. You’ll be teamed up, and your communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking will be put to the test. The aim is to work your way through the manor, and solve Sherlock’s first case, the murder of Lord Harrington at Chapelgate Manor.

  1. Rogue Agent Escape Game

Will you be able to find the mole? Perfect as an ice breaker, a meeting starter or a breakaway session from meetings, your task is to gather enough incriminating evidence and track down the rogue agent before they make their escape.

Catering for numbers between 20-1,000, this team building game can be brought to your physical location, to a virtual setting, or a hybrid of both. The hybrid option allows your team to join in person or online via Zoom, and all involved will play the same game, enjoy the same great experience, with nobody having to miss out on the action. The aim of the game is to work together and solve the mystery within the 60-minute timer!

  1. Pickled Bingo

Bingo has had a huge resurgence in recent years – but this is bingo like you’ve never seen it before. With party rounds, dance offs, lip sync battles and plenty of wacky prizes, this in-person or virtual game can be played by 50-1,000 people and is a surefire way to get the entire workforce laughing.

This truly is a bingo party that is designed to have you singing and dancing, so get your dancing shoes on!

  1. The Weakest Link Experience

The Weakest Link is a classic gameshow, known and loved all over the globe. This is your chance to put your general knowledge to the test, as a team, but with an added twist. There are no lifelines, no hints, no multiple choices, and to top if off, you’ll have to befriend or betray to stay in the game!

Suitable for 8-20 players, this is a great way to get teams working and thinking together. After each round, teams will have to show whether they are competitive or fair natured, as players vote off the weakest link. Currently this is a virtual experience, but the in-person option is coming soon!

  1. Our Survey Says (Family Fortunes inspired gameshow)

100 people were surveyed a question that didn’t really need to be asked, and all you have to do is name one of their answers. Easy right?

The entertaining and quick-witted host will put teams head-to-head in this virtual team building experience and encourage them to avoid the infamous buzzer. Suitable for 20-1,000 people, this is a modern twist on a classic favourite that is sure to be an event to remember.

For those wanting to playing in-person, keep an eye on the Escape Team Events website, as this is coming soon!

  1. The Apprentice Challenge

Want to make it to the very top and secure your place in the boardroom? Think you’ve got what it takes to be hired? This take on the BBC favourite ‘The Apprentice’ gives your team the chance to relive the famous challenges, the tricky negotiations, and the creative marketing ploys, with the aim being to avoid those dreaded words; “you’re fired”!

Businesses like this in-person game because not only do individuals build on key attributes such as leadership, communication, problem solving and creative thinking, but it’s a fun way to boost team morale and a fantastic way to bond.

  1. Crystal Maze

Who hasn’t dreamt of taking on the trials and challenges of The Crystal Maze? Combat each zone as a team, collect crystals along the way, all before entering the legendary Crystal Dome. How many tickets will you be able to grab?

This in-person event can cater for between 20-1,000 people, take place indoors or outdoors, and allows teams to put their physical, mental and puzzle skills to the test!

  1. Sports Day

Everybody remembers sports day at school. Some of us were pro sprinters, whilst others were pretty nifty with an egg and spoon in-hand. How would you like to relive those days?

This in-person event brings out the best in both individuals and teams and can take place both indoors and outdoors. Come up with a team name, don your colour-coded t-shirt, and win prizes. Excitement will be at a high, and activities are tailored to ensure there is something to suit everybody. Just remember to stretch first!

Team building experiences have never been so diverse, inclusive, or entertaining

In a world that is still in the midst of a covid-19 pandemic, where businesses are switching to flexible working and hiring is based on skillset rather than location, the requirement for team building experiences that cater for all has never been greater. This has brought challenges to business who want to ensure that all members of their teams, whether onsite or remote, have the opportunity to take part in collaborative team building experiences.

Hybrid experiences from Escape Team Events are specifically designed to cater for businesses that have staff working from different locations or remotely. Tailored experiences can bring both in-person and virtual attendees to one event, ensuring nobody misses out.

With a host of other experiences available, such as their gameshow team building events (including Crystal Maze and The Big Quiz), escape games, comedy clubs, cocktail masterclasses, live music quizzes, and so much more, Escape Team Events experiences are tailored to the needs and size of your business.

If you’re unsure what type of event would suit your business, get in touch with Escape Team Events. They can co-ordinate a day of activities for you, recommending something that would resonate with your staff and truly bring out the best in both individuals and teams. From a day-long festival to tailored activities and games, Escape Team Events can take care of the venue, catering, hosting, prizes, transportation, and everything in-between.

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Escape Team Events is part of a multi award-winning company which specialises in creating physical and virtual events for clients across the world to suit a variety of needs. Having successfully delivered experiences for over 500,000 people, we know how to entertain, excite, and engage our audiences. We pride ourselves on understanding your business needs and delivering the perfect event based on your requirements. Learn more via the website:


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