QuestionPro Launches Cannabis Audience Panels

Offers easy and affordable access to opinion and insights from both “budtenders” and consumers of Cannabis

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuestionPro, a global leader in online survey and research services today announced the launch of a new specialty audience panel comprised of both cannabis enthusiasts (consumers) and “budtenders” (gatekeepers to the products being sold behind the counter). With more than 100,000 audience members combined, these panels offer Cannabis producers, retailers, investors and others in the industry easy and affordable access to critical insights and opinions.

“Our budtender panel is perhaps the single most effective channel for cannabis producers and marketers to get their fingers on the pulse of not just what consumers are buying, but what the experts are recommending,” said Tim Cornelius, Director of Audience Operations at QuestionPro. “Whether you are doing complex market research or simple message testing, our audience panel will accelerate time to insights, helping you optimize your efforts and avoid costly mistakes.”

Customers can use the panels to elicit a range of information, including:

  • How many Budtenders know what brands are owned by which Licensed Producers?
  • What are Budtender perceptions of brand X?
  • How many Budtenders are aware of X’s brands, how many have consumed specific X products, what X products would they recommend?
  • Do Budtender perceptions of brand change based on the product, e.g. are XYZ beverage perceptions different from flower perceptions?
  • Have Budtenders' perceptions of a brand changed in the past month?
  • How has new product Z been received by the market?
  • What brands are most preferred by consumers?
  • What brands are most well-known by consumers?

All of QuestionPro’s audience panels feature rigorous registration and sign up processes that validate new and existing members and eliminate fraudulent answers. Registered panelists provide detailed demographics and background information, accounting for more than 300 data points collected from each member. A digital portfolio of survey respondents is created that restricts panelists from taking the same survey twice.

More information on how to access the cannabis panel can be found online at:

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