Nasdaq’s First Micro-Mobility Company Helbiz Debuts on the Public Market

Turning to the next chapter, Helbiz’s completed business combination makes it the first micro-mobility company publicly listed in the US 

  • The company’s decision to go public will not only increase a financial push but also further enable acquisitions of mobiles and technologies that will continue the growth of the company. 
  • Helbiz is NASDAQ’s first micro-mobility company 
  • A nod to a sustainable future: Helbiz’s growth track with the growing trend of e-mobility and sustainable transportation 

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Helbiz, a leader in micro-mobility, today announced that it will be listed publicly in the U.S. market. The company will begin trading on Aug. 13, under the new ticker symbol “NASDAQ: HLBZ” for Helbiz common stock and “NASDAQ: HLBZW” for Helbiz warrants. As one of the leading electric micro-mobility international companies, Helbiz expects that the milestone will increase its already 2.5M users in their network.

“Today’s timing is important because I think companies should grow within the market, and not arrive with (outlandish) evaluations,” says Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Helbiz, Salvatore Palella. “We decided to go public during this stage of our company because we want to grow with the market and together with our investors.”

The company anticipates the move will also increase funding that may accelerate the development of adjacent service categories, such as food delivery, integrated payment options, live streaming and more — all accessible on the Helbiz mobile app. 

Upon the announcement to go public, Helbiz received $24.5 million in gross cash proceeds (before investment banking fees and other transaction-related expenses) following the closing agreement with GreenVision Acquisition Corp. 

This funding will allow Helbiz to expand its service to more cities throughout the United States and Europe and include cities that are underserved by public transportation. 

Since its debut in 2015, Helbiz has distinguished itself as a leader in micro-mobility as the only company to offer e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds that are found on one user-friendly platform. In February 2021, the company became the first micro-mobility company to be listed on NASDAQ. 

In tandem with offering a quick and easy way to travel throughout busy cities, Helbiz puts sustainability and clean emission at the forefront, boasting vehicles powered in partnership with Enel Group, a company that provides energy through sustainable-orientated technologies. 

Their growth is a nod to the micro-mobility industry’s rapid acceleration, which is projected to grow by $300-$450 billion by 2030 according to McKinsey & Company’s “Micromobility’s 15,000-mile checkup” report. 

“It’s amazing to be a leader in this industry, but there’s a lot of responsibility that goes with it. Regulation around the world is constantly changing, but we are pushing to make sure we do our part in preserving our Earth’s future,” says Palella. “This company serves everyone who wants to move in a way that respects the environment. It’s a technology company that revolves around young people looking to lead the future.” 

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