CashRepublic™ Launches Automotive Insurance Program for Florida Drivers

Financial technologies company to offer low, flexible insurance options from several major carriers

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CashRepublicTM Holdings, Inc. (CashRepublicTM), a community-focused financial technologies company announces the launch of its automotive insurance program under its subsidiary CashRepublicTM Insurance Services, LLC. In partnership with several major carriers, CashRepublicTM offers its customers a broad set of automotive insurance options. With a focus on low prices and flexible payment plans, customers can maximize savings by shopping their policy across multiple carriers. CashRepublicTM offers free quotes to all Florida residents conveniently over the phone or by visiting a CashRepublicTM financial center.

“For our customers, their car is often the highest value asset they own, apart from their home,” said Chairman Rajib Das. “By offering competitively priced auto insurance we want to support our customers and help them protect their valuables.” 

Aligning with the company’s mission to deliver fair prices to its customers, CashRepublicTM provides customers with competitive auto insurance rates by shopping their policies across several well-known and trusted insurance providers. Additionally, CashRepublicTM works with its customers to customize the level of coverage so that they pay only for what they need and also helps customers identify the payment plan that best suits their budget. As part of the company’s ongoing initiative to foster financial literacy, licensed insurance officers for CashRepublicTM Insurance Services, LLC are available to educate and guide individuals through the insurance selection process to ensure they make informed decisions.

“Paying for auto insurance is among the top expenses for our customer base,” said Chief Executive Officer Alok Prasad. “We are committed to helping them find the policy that works best for them at the lowest cost, so they can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

CashRepublicTM provides a simple menu of financial services – such as check cashing, wire transfers, bill payments, and free money orders – to individuals and small businesses underserved by the traditional banking system. With absolutely no minimum balance requirements, monthly maintenance fees, or predatory hidden fees, CashRepublicTM is committed to financial inclusion in the communities it operates. By adding the automotive insurance program to its lineup, CashRepublicTM furthers its mission to be a convenient one-stop-shop for all its customer’s financial needs.

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About CashRepublicTM
CashRepublicTM is a community-focused financial technologies company providing individuals and small businesses an intuitive and transparent experience. With zero commitment, no surprises, low fees and instant access to money, it aims to democratize access to financial services putting customers in full control of their financial lives. Conveniently located in the communities it serves, with its flagship financial center located in Orlando, Fla., CashRepublicTM delivers financial freedom to its customers with unrivaled service, personalized guidance, education and financial access.

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