Toronto Police Association Opposes Mandatory Vaccination Announcement

TORONTO, Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Toronto Police Association ("TPA") is aware of the Toronto Police Service ("TPS") announcement on the implementation of its own mandatory vaccination policy for all members.  We understand this is an initial announcement without any policy documentation, procedure, or routine order in place.

This announcement, however preliminary, is missing critical details that are central to understanding the impacts, timelines, or potentially alternative options available to our members. 

The TPA must make every effort to protect all of our members and therefore, does not support this mandatory vaccination announcement or mandatory disclosure. 

This announcement has our full attention and TPA will be working closely with other impacted parties, unions, and associations to explore our collective options. 

We will have further to add once those critical details are provided. 

Statement on Behalf of Jon Reid, President of The Toronto Police Association