Data From Recurrent Reveals 30% of Owners of Recalled Chevy Bolts Are Not Following General Motors Recall Guidelines for Vehicle Charging

Recurrent urges Chevy Bolt owners to follow GM’s charging advice to reduce the risk of battery failures

SEATTLE, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recurrent, the car industry’s only analyst of electric vehicle (EV) battery health, today released new data analyzing the actions of more than 1,000 Chevy Bolt owners, all of whom own vehicles that are included in a recall by GM due to concerns about potential battery fires.

Recurrent’s new data shows that up to 30% of its customers who own a Chevy Bolt are not following GM guidelines to not charge their vehicles above 90%, and not deplete their battery below 70 miles of remaining range.

“Newer Chevy Bolt owners need to pay attention to this recall now,” said Scott Case, CEO of Recurrent. “One hundred thousand batteries can't get replaced overnight given supply chain woes and high demand for new EVs so this will take some time.”

Recurrent provides personalized battery analysis for EV owners, buying guides and research for people shopping for used EVs, and Electric Vehicle Battery Reports for dealers.

Recurrent is the only company outside of GM with this breadth of data and depth of insight into how Chevy Bolt owners are responding to the recall and has been monitoring their behavior since GM issued its first recall in November. Now, the battery modules replacement recall has been expanded to include all Chevy Bolts.

“Our data is showing that a lot of Chevy Bolt owners are going to have to change their behavior,” said Case. “For some, this could be a hardship if they have long commutes and require more range than the new guidelines allow, especially during the summer when hot temperatures and extra A/C usage affect battery performance.”

Recurrent is continuing to monitor the Chevy Bolt recall and will provide updates on its company blog.

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