Karya Kares Celebrates The 2021 Back-To-School Season With A Special School Supplies Event!

Houston, Texas, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the advent of the 2021-2022 Back-To-School season arriving, parents of students across the country express a desire for full school safety for their children as they go about their daily academic pursuits. With more and more instances of at-school violence being reported across the country, more and more parents are looking for a means of encouraging proper school safety for their children. 

Karya Kares, a Houston-based nonprofit organization designed to provide charity-based resources and financial relief, participated in its 2021 All Smiles, No Guns event. Members of its Marketing Team gathered together to generate special school supplies to be distributed to children in need across the Houston area. These supplies include backpacks, hand sanitizer, children’s face masks, notebooks, pencil pouches, rulers, stress balls, colored pencils, highlighters, and water bottles. All supplies contain the message of ‘All Smiles, No Guns’ to spread the awareness of peace and non-violence in the school environment. 

As a subset of Karya Property Management, Karya Kares utilized their Back-To-School event to administer school supplies via Karya’s on-hand apartments. A total of 5,500 backpacks were distributed across 35 participating apartment properties respectively, reaching out to members of the Houston community looking to engage in the organization’s focus on school safety and consideration for child welfare. 

Various properties additionally featured different themes for their event to add to the festive atmosphere including circuses, the world of Willy Wonka, and more. Turnouts were highly favorable at most properties, with many young children receiving school supplies along with fun education on school safety. On-site law enforcement services were also present to welcome guests as part of Karya’s partnership with local sheriff departments.

The event marked an exemplary means of fostering academic engagement as well as allowing for properties to openly provide a message of compassion and support for all students entering school this Fall season. Karya Kares has previously engaged in several school-focused charity programs, as well as previous incarnations of All Smiles, No Guns. During the 2017-2019 seasons, a total of about 25,000 clear backpacks and school supplies were handed out across the Houston, Austin, Dallas, Utah, and Kansas regions. With the arrival of the school season even more pressing following the 2020 impact of Covid-19, the All Smiles, No Guns program was even more eager than ever to engage with the community so that students had what they needed for a safe school experience.

The organization hopes to continue bolstering a sense of hope, security, and positivity for future generations of students across the Houston community, adding to an increased level of mindfulness as students and parents prepare for the new school year. 



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