Green Builder Media Announces Collection of Hot Topic Resources Related to Housing in a Changing World

Need go-to information on the state of the housing industry as it relates to climate, sustainability, and a smart energy future? Green Builder Media offers tons of free resources for you. Take a quick tour here.

Lake City, Colo., Sept. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Builder Media has just released a treasure trove of resources for people who want more in-depth information about what’s going on in the housing industry. 

“Our mission is to use education to quicken the transition from a fossil-fuel dependent world to a clean, green universe where we work with—not against—the planet,” says CEO Sara Gutterman. “From the decarbonized future to resilient housing to how to help millennials buy their first sustainable home, we highlight some of the most important technologies, products, and trends that are shaping how we source products to build, furnish, power, and live in our homes.”

Here’s a select list of videos, webinars, and ebooks, available on demand: 

This is just a small sampling of the kinds of coverage Green Builder Media gives to the most important issue of our time: a warming planet. Stay on top of all this with the weekly Vantage newsletter, which will let you know when more of these valuable resources are released. Sign up for Vantage here! 

About Green Builder Media

Green Builder Media is North America’s leading media company focused on green building and sustainable living, affecting positive change by providing inspirational information to over 200,000 progressive building professionals and millions of early adopter and first-mover consumers who are interested in sustainable living. Green Builder Media generates award-winning editorial, including breaking news, prominent market research, original insights, and visionary thought pieces. With a comprehensive suite of content marketing, digital, social, and print media options, high-profile demonstration projects, market intelligence, and data services, and live events, Green Builder Media offers a blend of visionary and practical information covering a broad spectrum of sustainable living topics, including Internet of Things, smart home technologies, energy efficiency, intelligent water, indoor air quality, resilient housing, renewables, and clean transportation.


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