SimpliFed Raises $500K Pre-Seed Round to Revolutionize Infant Nutrition

Living the mission, CEO Andrea Ippolito Raised Round While Pregnant With Her Second Child

Ithaca, NY, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SimpliFed, a company dedicated to revolutionizing infant nutrition via their virtual lactation and baby feeding support platform, has raised $500K in their pre-seed round. The investment round was led by Third Culture Capital (3CC), a firm aimed at supporting the future leaders of industry to break the status quo and push for global innovation. The funds, which were raised while SimpliFed’s founder and CEO Andrea Ippolito was pregnant with her second child, will be used to further implement their telehealth platform and share their offering with parents across the country. 


“Our mission is to increase access to breastfeeding and judgement-free infant feeding support for families throughout the US, and that mission directly aligns with 3CC’s own mission and ideals,” said Andrea Ippolito, the founder and CEO of SimpliFed. “As a new parent of two who understands what it’s like to have breastfeeding struggles, our team is thrilled to work with them to aid new mothers at this critical juncture in their lives.” 


SimpliFed was founded by Ippolito after experiencing first-hand how difficult infant feeding was, and how much judgement and misinformation exists around baby nutrition. From this experience, she was driven to reinvent infant nutrition and democratize access to evidence-based nutritional health for babies. Ippolito and her team are also changing the narrative by providing expanded resources for ongoing, judgement-free, lactation support. SimpliFed’s lactation support can reach a parent where and when they need help — from the safety, comfort, and convenience of their home — allowing them to gain access to assistance on their terms. 


"3CC aims to support our diverse founders by providing them with resources (human, financial, and cultural capital) to address pressing healthcare problems they are unquely positioned to solve,”  Julien Pham, Founder and Managing Partner, 3CC. “To that end, we are proud to support SimpliFed, especially with an incredible and passionate CEO like Andrea at the helm." 


Ippolito, a biomedical engineer, founded SimpliFed shortly after having her first child, and raised this round of capital while pregnant with her second child. Historically, women entrepreneurs are less likely to receive VC funding, in fact, research suggests that only around 2.3 percent of female founded businesses ever get VC funding.


“There is continued bias in the industry around pregnant founders and mothers of young children, and it is humbling to be able to help change the path for others in this field,” Ippolito said.  “We are redirecting from the notion that women need to choose between their work and their children. We want to engender work environments that support becoming both a parent and a founding team member. SimpliFed is a team of working parents committed to reaching out and impacting fellow parents. Our culture is also one of flexibility, understanding, and pride for our teammates that are both parents and professionals.”


SimpliFed’s pre-seed round funds will be applied to scaling their telelactation platform as the company looks to grow its footprint in the maternal health space.


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SimpliFed is the first independent tele-lactation consulting and nutrition support platform connecting new mothers with resources in the crucial first weeks of becoming a parent. The company’s mission is to help new mothers secure access to breastfeeding and baby feeding support from the comfort and safety of their own homes from board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs). Founded by Andrea Ippolito, a biomedical engineer and mother of two young children who struggled with breastfeeding and realized that more mothers need access to lactation care, especially during times of crisis. The SimpliFed platform is accessible to new moms across the US, with lactation consultants available for appointment at the parents’ convenience. More information can be found at:


Living the mission, SimpliFed's CEO Andrea Ippolito Raised Round While Pregnant With Her Second Child.

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