Sprout AI Inc. Announces Marketing Team

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- Sprout AI Inc. (CSE: SPRT) (“Sprout AI” or the “Company”), a leading vertical farming technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of its global marketing team.

Sprout AI has selected MarketOne and Generation IACP Inc. (GIACP) to assist its investor relations (IR) program.

MarketOne has been appointed to provide its marketing and social media expertise to support Sprout AI’s marketing initiatives. The Company has signed a contract for services to be provided over a 12-month period commencing September 2021 and will pay a flat fee of C$130,000, plus applicable taxes, during the Initial Term. MarketOne is arm’s length to the Company and does not currently own any securities of the Company.

Generation IACP Inc. has been hereby appointed, subject to the receipt of approval by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and in compliance with the policies and guidelines of the CSE and other applicable legislation, that on a nonexclusive basis they will provide market-making services with the objective of maintaining a reasonable market and improving the liquidity of Sprout AI shares. Generation will not receive any common shares or options as compensation. Generation does not currently own any securities of Sprout AI; however, Generation and its clients may acquire a direct interest in the securities of the Company.

Sprout AI and Generation are unrelated and unaffiliated entities. Generation is a member of the Investment Industry Regulation Organization of Canada and a member firm of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX-V, Canadian Securities Exchange and the NEO exchange. The initial term of the Generation agreement will last six months at a cost of CAD$7,500 per month, payable per quarter and renewable at the discretion of the Company.

In addition to the above, Sprout AI has also selected the use of one of the most powerful investor relations software made for modern investor relations (IR) teams. This platform will then integrate seamlessly with Sprout AI’s existing enterprise resource planning and compliance (ERPc) software, known as One System One Solution (OS2). This platform, together with additional IR services, will cost on average US$5,500 per month.

The total capital spend on this combined program will remain well below British Columbia Securities Commission’s recommended 20% of operational costs.

Chris Bolton, CEO of Sprout AI, commented, “We welcome this well-coordinated select group of companies to our Sprout AI IR and marketing team. Their level of transparency through easy-to-use software and their ability to provide accurate and auditable analytics will ensure that we remain compliant with applicable securities laws, the policies and procedures of the CSE Venture Exchange and the anticipated Notice 1-519 Promotional Activity Disclosure Requirements of the British Colombia Securities Commission (BCSC), and the requirements of additional future exchanges that may list Sprout AI. This combination of providers will also support our investor relations and marketing program in a significant way.”

About Sprout AI

Sprout AI is a vertical farming technology company in the business of planning, designing, manufacturing and/or assembling sustainable and scalable AI-controlled vertical cultivation equipment for indoor vertical farming. The adaptive technology produces an environment with improved growing parameters and early detection of adverse conditions, resulting in consistent and repeatable crops with shorter cultivation cycles independent of geographic climates.

The self-contained multilevel rolling rack technology increases the cubic cultivation area while mitigating the risk of outside and cross-contaminants.

For more information about Sprout AI, please visit http://sproutai.solutions.

About MarketOne

MarketOne is Canada's leading marketing agency for public companies. They boast over 60 collective years of capital markets experience, a Google-certified team, award-winning journalists and savvy digital marketers to support their clients' marketing efforts.

About Generation IACP Inc.

Generation IACP Inc. helps stimulate a receptive trading environment through their involvement as a market participant, with the objective of contributing liquidity in the market. Their experienced traders deploy a liquidity strategy that is tailored to an issuer’s specific market and unique requirements.

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