Insurance Navy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Community Events And New Location

The upcoming 30 days of Hispanic Heritage Month mean several community events and gatherings.

Santa Ana, CA, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This past weekend, on September 12, Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do partnered with several community organizations, primarily the Mercy Pharmacy Group, to bring a free COVID-19 clinic with complimentary tests and vaccines for those 12 and older. The event took place at the Bristol Swap Mall, nestled within the Spanish neighborhood of Santa Ana. Insurance Navy’s, the fastest growing insurance provider in Illinois, sole California location is just down the street from the mall on Bristol St. The staff was happy to attend with free insurance quotes and orientation for anyone looking to update their policy or decrease their car insurance costs. Live music, food, and other activities were also present in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15).

“Having an office location in a Hispanic community isn’t something that’s unique to our California location. A lot of our Chicagoland locations are in communities where the population is dominantly Hispanic,” says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh, “It’s a culture of heritage that’s always celebrated with community events. We love being a part of those and contributing whenever we can as a sponsor or attendee. In fact, we’re just coming off of a Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo in Pilsen. Fiesta Del Sol is another event we were a sponsor of and had a booth. There were plans to sponsor and attend Fiesta Back of the Yards before it was canceled.”

Insurance Navy Brokers
Insurance Navy Brokers

The upcoming 30 days of Hispanic Heritage Month mean several community events and gatherings. In fact, those at the Bristol Swap Mall commemorated the precipice to the month with a live music appearance by Los Buchones De Culiacan. The neighborhood of Santa Ana is full of authentic Mexican restaurants, some operated by first-generation immigrants. Providing car insurance that is affordable is essential for most American communities because many states require their drivers to carry some form of auto coverage. Insurance Navy prides itself on attending events and helping make Illinois insurance requirements common knowledge and premiums low-cost. The Santa Ana office is expected to participate and sponsor several more events.

At the same time, Insurance Navy is living up to its name as the fastest growing insurance company in Illinois with a new Chicagoland office location in Berwyn. This would be the 25th office location in Illinois. In total, Insurance Navy has over 30 different office locations in Chicagoland, Houston, and Santa Ana. Berwyn is a western suburb of Chicago with bright Hispanic communities like in Santa Ana and not too far from the famed Brookfield Zoo. The public library has its calendar of Hispanic Heritage Month activities and events on its website.

“By now, many in Chicago have seen our billboards and heard our radio spots. Now, it comes down to us being the presence we promised to be and provide further low-cost insurance coverage and education to each community. The Berwyn location is still in its early stages of development, but it’s still a high priority. We always have a team of knowledgeable Spanish-speaking agents for anyone who needs it. We can’t wait to bring that convenience to Berwyn.” Sneineh said, “In the meantime, we’ll be sponsoring and attending community events during Hispanic Heritage Month as long as they remain open.”

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