New Study Demonstrates Cordant's Pharmacy Program Helps Patients With Opioid Use Disorder Overcome Barriers to Treatment

A new study reveals that patients in Cordant's managed medication-assisted treatment pharmacy program feel less stigma and stay adherent to their treatment plan

DENVER, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cordant Health Solutions®, a national leader in providing innovative tools for providers and patients in addiction treatment programs, in a recently published study in the Journal of Opioid Management, demonstrated that Cordant's managed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) pharmacy program had very high patient satisfaction (83.8 Net Promoter Score), with 98% of patients using the program reporting that they felt respected and cared about, and 92% saying that the program helped them stay adherent to their treatment plan.

The study examined data from patients receiving buprenorphine for opioid use disorder (OUD) through Cordant's pharmacy program. The objective of the study was to evaluate patient satisfaction when participating in a pharmacy program that coordinated buprenorphine delivery and provision to patients at clinic visits instead of requiring patients to seek to fill their prescriptions at local pharmacies thereafter. A voluntary and anonymous survey was completed by 714 patients at 15 office-based opioid treatment clinics that integrated Cordant's clinic-based pharmacy program as an extension of their treatment services.

"The stigma that surrounds addiction is a powerful obstacle that can prevent patients from both seeking and receiving treatment," said Dan Mandoli, Cordant's president of pharmacy services. "Patients in treatment for OUD face numerous challenges that can negatively impact their recovery. Our program removes barriers and helps to increase patient access to care."

Despite evidence supporting MAT, studies have demonstrated that 30% of pharmacies limited the number of buprenorphine prescriptions they fill, and one in five would not fill buprenorphine prescriptions entirely.

Cordant's pharmacies dispense prescription OUD medications that are delivered to patients on-site at the time of their treatment appointment, helping to alleviate the feelings of stigma and lack of privacy they may have when filling prescriptions. Additionally, patients in Cordant's program reported they were more likely to make their treatment appointments knowing they would receive their medication at the clinic.

Quotes from patients surveyed validated that on-site clinic access to their medication encouraged attendance at their treatment appointments:  

"It has made me be more responsible and always make sure to make every appointment and not reschedule."

"It helps me remain and stay consistent with my recovery knowing my appointment visit…and pick up of medicine is all done at one time, one place."

"It has made things less stressful and made it so I can focus on recovery instead of stressing over the pharmacy and getting my meds."

"This study is an important reminder of the myriad influences on patient recovery. Stigma, which may often be overlooked, is a significant challenge, even within the healthcare community," said Sue Sommer, CEO and president of Cordant. "By removing barriers for patients, Cordant's managed pharmacy program is creating positive change in the treatment experience and helping to more strongly engage patients in their recovery."

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