CPS SPARx(SM) Is Now Azina(SM)

Azina Set to Revolutionize Specialty and Ambulatory Patient Care

DUBLIN, Ohio, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CPS Solutions, LLC (CPS) is proud to announce that its specialty pharmacy division SPARx has transformed its brand to reflect the complex and changing needs of its customers. The new brand is “Azina” – the A to Z IN your Approach to specialty pharmacy.

The name change to Azina is a strategic move to showcase the comprehensive set of specialty and ambulatory pharmacy solutions. Along with the new name, clients, vendors, and partners can expect to see a new logo, website, mission and vision statements, color palette, and Azina email addresses.

“The new Azina brand reflects our continued focus to offer our clients solutions that deliver a deep bench of experts who empower hospitals and health systems. Azina will help our clients transform their specialty and ambulatory care at the local level while driving revenue and improving patient outcomes. CPS is thrilled to launch the Azina brand, and with the Therigy software solutions, is well-positioned as a leader in the Specialty Pharmacy and Ambulatory industry. CPS can now offer clients solutions that cover the entire continuum of care,” said Frank Segrave, Chairman and CEO. “By revolutionizing specialty and ambulatory pharmacy solutions, Azina is in a position to support and lead hospital clients to new levels of performance and patient care.”

Azina delivers the power to:

  • Build operations that improve patient outcomes as well as financial results
  • Develop ambulatory pharmacy programs that forge trusting relationships with patients
  • Create infusion services that retain patients within the health system and maintain revenue streams
  • Demonstrate best-in-class care through coveted third-party dual-accreditation

“Azina is mission-driven to advance the patient’s healthcare journey by empowering specialty pharmacy excellence delivered by the local hospital or health system,” said Keith Cook, President of Azina. “Our team drives substantially lower costs, new sources of revenue, better outcomes, and healthier patients.”
About Azina

Azina is a division of CPS Solutions, LLC (CPS). Founded nearly 50 years ago, CPS is one of the nation’s largest providers of pharmacy services – employing over 2,000 pharmacy professionals and servicing over 800 hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. CPS helps clients tackle complex problems through our suite of services across inpatient pharmacy management and consulting, 340B, specialty and ambulatory pharmacy, Telepharmacy, supply chain management, rehabilitation services, and more. CPS supports pharmacy leaders to achieve operational excellence, drive clinical quality, attain continuous regulatory compliance, and improve bottom-line performance – all while supporting pharmacy staff, caregivers, and patients. For more information, visit cpspharm.com.

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