Transitions in Progress, LLC Announces Agreement to Sell in 2022

CEO Carla Villarreal prepares to transition business to longtime TIP consultant and owner of Itnyre Consulting Group, Julie Starkey

Winchester, VA, Sept. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transitions in Progress, LLC, an award-winning Voice of the Customer service provider applauded for its TIP Assessment® process announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement under which it will be acquired by Julie Starkey, the owner and founder of Itnyre Consulting Group, a full lifecycle proposal support company. The phased transaction will be completed by Feb 1, 2022.

Following the closing of the transaction, the synergy and expertise recognized by both companies will bring reciprocal value to the combined entity.

“As a small business owner and TIP independent contractor for over eight years, Julie Starkey has in depth knowledge of both the process and value of TIP and has been an integral part of our team. I am absolutely delighted to turn over TIP to someone of this competency and dedication. Our transition will be seamless for our customers as Ms. Starkey has worked diligently in both analysis and client facing roles for TIP over the years. This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for Transitions in Progress.” said Carla Villarreal, CEO and President of Transitions in Progress.

The acquisition of Transitions in Progress fits into the long-term strategy to grow the business to meet the expanding needs of the TIP customers and to potentially bring the TIP methodology to the government as a decision-making tool for transformation.

“We look forward to continuing the positive reputation of Transitions in Progress through execution of the TIP Assessment® process.  Our differentiated solution will continue to cement relationships between industry and government while addressing the evolving needs of customer-service focused clients. We are excited to integrate our deep knowledge of the proposal life cycle with the TIP Assessment® process to create strategic and lasting change.” said Julie Starkey, future CEO and President.

About Transitions in Progress

Transitions in Progress (TIP) provides service assessments for incumbent Fortune 500 companies in the Federal space as well as government and commercial clients. The TIP Assessment layers a Voice-of-the-Customer approach with a proven process, along with 1:1 interviews ranging from front-line personnel to the executive level on the client and provider side. Both qualitative and quantitative responses are analyzed via TIP Analytics, a portal-style proprietary application enabling a true 360 degree understanding of the environment.

About Itnyre Consulting

Itnyre Consulting Group has been providing end-to-end proposal development and management services to federal contractors since 2012. Our market focus is small to emerging mid-sized companies who require a reliable and talented one-stop shop for proposal support. We guide our clients from capture through submission of IDIQs, BPAs, task orders, and single award bids ranging from $5M to $25B in value. Our team of proposal consultants approach each bid with a no task is too big or too small mentality and integrate into any client organization as an individual contributor or leader with equal comfort and ability to scale to the client’s needs. When a client engages Itnyre Consulting, they experience bespoke proposal support that combines expert proposal experience with thought leadership and results in compelling, compliant, and winning proposals. 


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