Leapgen Announces Luminate

Bringing Necessary Digital HR Technology Value to Market Faster

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leapgen, a global digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work, announces Luminate, a Leapgen vendor services practice providing services to digital HR technology solution providers. Already providing marketing strategy, research, thought leadership and advisory services to vendors in the HR Technology market, Leapgen doubles down and accelerates the offering by launching Luminate. A core part of the Leapgen business, Luminate is a strategic offering by Leapgen to help digital HR technology providers bring their solutions and message to life. From a deep bench of marketing strategists, industry analysts and domain experts, Luminate reinforces modern thinking through thought leadership and content strategy, acts as real-time advisors and coaches, and provides market insights to deliver value to buyers faster. Positioning not only solutions but the teams that bring them to market

Business problems have changed, requiring new or reimagined solutions. Business leaders need to rethink the modern workplace with the complete and holistic needs of people at the center of their workforce experience, employee wellbeing, culture, and digital technology strategies. For business to thrive in the Now of Work, organizations need to deliver a digital culture that connects and empowers employees wherever they work. They also need to connect the dots between organizational culture, values-driven leadership, whole person wellbeing, and a workforce experience that makes people effective, committed, and happy.

Human Resources is called to meet the needs of their workforce in a more human way, with a digital approach, through a whole person lens, with seamless and frictionless delivery that provides a consumer-grade experience wherever a person works. Digital HR technology vendors provide solutions for these challenges, solutions that include include HCM (Core HR, Benefits, Payroll), Talent Acquisition, Candidate Experience, Learning, Career Growth & Development, Mentorship, Rewards & Recognition, Talent Marketplace, Performance Management, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Chatbot technology, Workforce Experience Platforms, People Analytics, and more. But these solutions need to innovate faster, which requires both understanding the changing landscape and realities of the Now of Work as well as fresh thinking around expanded capabilities and integration strategies needed to address new business challenges. Everything for these vendors needs to be addressed; including their go-to-market strategy and sales positioning; how they leverage design thinking and the use of personas and journey mapping in delivering value to the workforce; and how they sell to buyers who are also understanding digital workforce realities like service delivery, portal and intranet strategy, and digital culture and experience design in an Experience Economy.

“Our industry demands change, deserves innovation, and is absolutely desperate for fresh thinking,” explains Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen. “But we cannot change an industry without addressing the mindset and behavior of enterprise HR leaders AND the vendors hungry to serve them with right-fit, value-driving solutions. We all need to evolve together, and we need to do it now. HR is learning to design digital solutions to meet the human demands of the Now of Work; Luminate helps their vendors speak the same language.”

Luminate, powered by Leapgen, is led by Kristin Penney and Jess Von Bank, an impressive leadership duo with incredible expertise in marketing strategy, brand and message development, industry research, product marketing, and digital solutions for the workforce.

“Every enterprise in the world is trying to transform,” explains Penney, General Manager and Head of Leapgen’s Luminate practice, “and they require solution providers who can truly partner to solve unique business challenges in the Now of Work. HR leaders have a daunting task at hand: evolve the business by evolving the workforce. They can’t use the same approaches they used before. Solutions need to be reimagined, they need to be positioned for value, and they need to address the real needs of the true customer. No longer are we selling HR technology to HR buyers; workforce technology should be designed to change the way people work. People are the new customers; this is the value story vendors need to learn to tell.

Jess Von Bank, Head of Brand Strategy at Leapgen, joins forces with Kristin Penney to change the market faster by changing the conversation. Already leading marketing, brand, content and thought leadership for Leapgen, Von Bank throws her weight behind industry vendors to help connect the dots and help solution providers create stories that truly resonate in the Now of Work. “We can’t do this work fast enough,” explains Von Bank. “Human Resources and enterprise technology leaders are hungry to bring digital solutions to life for the workforce. The vendors who provide these solutions can absolutely command the market by immediately commanding mindshare. It’s a race to speak the new language of HR - people first, digital now, everything designed for the Now of Work.

No other firm exists with this breadth and depth of expertise. Luminate offers solution providers incredible access to the deepest bench of industry analysts and HR technology domain expertise on the planet. Digital HR technology providers can now gain access to leading trends in buyer behavior and workforce experience initiatives, think tank and industry research services to help them evolve and innovate faster, marketing strategy, campaign development, thought leadership, and on-demand coaching and advisory. Luminate helps vendors command mindshare with the right buyers, hone and align value-based messaging to the market, stay ahead of industry and workforce trends, and execute go-to-market strategy in the right places.

Learn more about Luminate’s rich services for digital HR technology providers here.

Leapgen is a global digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work. Highly respected as a visionary partner to organizations looking to design and deliver a digital workforce experience that will produce valued outcomes, Leapgen helps enterprise leaders rethink how to better design and deliver workforce services and architect HR technology solutions that meet the expectations of workers and the needs of the business. Contact us to get started.

Luminate is a Leapgen practice providing services to workforce technology solution providers. We help digital HR technology providers bring their solutions and message to life. Our bench of marketing strategy, industry analysts and domain experts reinforce modern thinking through thought leadership, content strategy and development, act as real-time advisors and coaches, and provide market insights to deliver value to buyers faster. Our expertise is deep; our work is beautiful; our authentic messages hit the mark; and the industry trusts us. Contact us to learn more.

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