Banyan Security Democratizes Zero Trust Access with Team Edition

The Industry’s Most Secure and Productivity-Enhancing Remote Access Solution Now Available for Software Development Teams at No Charge

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banyan Security today announced the availability of Banyan Security Team Edition, a no-cost version of the company’s powerful Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access platform, designed to provide teams with one-click, zero trust access to hosted applications and infrastructure services without the need for VPNs, opening inbound firewall ports, or managing DNS. With Banyan Security Team Edition, teams can onboard new services and entitle users in minutes, providing one-click access to it all from an intuitive Service Catalog.

According to Gartner, zero trust network access (ZTNA) provides a “more secure and resilient environment, with improved flexibility and better monitoring” and the “shift to a largely remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic has created intense interest in ZTNA.” Most of this shift has been within large enterprises that have the IT admin resources to dedicate to installation, implementation, and onboarding users. Banyan Security Team Edition democratizes zero trust by removing barriers to entry for smaller companies as well as teams within larger enterprises, allowing all to enjoy the benefits and security of ZTNA.

“Banyan Security understands developer problems,” said Bob Jenkins, Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer, Compass. “Providing access to infrastructure can be complicated and involve multiple organizations in our company. With Banyan we were up and running with my team using their applications in no time. It just works!”

“Secure remote access is about making it easier for people to access the resources they need, and zero-trust is the best, most secure way to do that,” said Tarun Desikan, COO & co-founder at Banyan Security. “Team Edition makes it as easy as possible for anyone to set up and manage zero trust access for their team. There’s no integration, no complex enrollment, and no charge. It’s a solution designed for people, not networks.”

Banyan Security Team Edition is based on the award-winning Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access platform. Team Edition gives software development and devops team leaders the power of zero trust secure access combined with the enhanced productivity of users having all available services at their fingertips. New infrastructure services and hosted applications can be made available in minutes rather than days, with trust-based policy control, least privilege access, and continuous authorization to ensure end user productivity while providing admin visibility, control, and security. Benefits of Banyan Security Team Edition include:

  • Frictionless setup – Deploy Team Edition in minutes. Set up and manage zero trust access to hosted applications and complex infrastructure with no integration, cross-functional work, or requirements on any existing organizational infrastructure.
  • Instant onboarding – With no integration required, Team Edition removes the complexity of enrolling and enabling zero trust access to infrastructure. Users can be added immediately and given access to only the resources they need.
  • Service Catalog – Intuitive dashboard provides users with visibility into all the services, infrastructure, and hosted applications they are entitled to access, all available to them with one click.
  • Productivity features – Groups of services can be conveniently bundled together to create easy, one-click access to the entire group, eliminating the need to juggle multiple sets of credentials. Users can create Favorites lists for frequently accessed applications, and Autorun capabilities allow users to instantly connect to selected applications on start.

“Service Catalog is my favorite feature,” said Juan Pablo Corrales Cordero, IT manager at Snap Finance. “It’s like a cockpit with all the instruments I need for the day right at my fingertips when I open Banyan. I don’t need to log into anything, just click into the application or service I need. It’s perfect for bringing in new team members, so they know from day one what resources they have access to.”

Banyan Security Team Edition includes hallmark Banyan Security features – least privilege access and continuous authorization to verify access based on real-time user and device trust along with resource sensitivity; device trust to eliminate the risk of credential loss or theft while allowing users to make use of their chosen devices without diminishing security; and the Banyan TrustScore which quantifies user and device trust with device security posture.

Banyan Security Team Edition is available now at no charge (limited to 20 users). To learn more about Team Edition, go to: To download Team Edition now, go to:

About Banyan Security
Banyan Security provides secure, zero trust “work from anywhere” access to infrastructure and applications for employees, developers, and third parties without relying on network-centric solutions like VPNs. User and device trust scoring along with continuous authorization and least privilege access delivers the highest level of protection without sacrificing end user productivity. Banyan Security currently protects tens of thousands of employees across multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter at @BanyanSecurity.


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