CBD Oil King: Stocking Only the Best CBD Brands That Comply with UK Regulations and Laws


London, United Kingdom, Sept. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

CBD is undeniably popular. However, with popularity comes market saturation, and this means lots and lots of brands supplying products such as juices, oils, and edibles, who don’t necessarily follow the rules, laws, or regulations within the industry.

CBD Oil King was set up to filter out untrustworthy or unsafe brands and supply customers with only the very best CBD products on the market. It also acts as a resource to provide trustworthy information and guidance on CBD products, including isolates, gummies, oils, juices, sprays, and much more through the CBD Oil King Blog.

Below, we look at why CBD Oil King only stock compliant, high quality CBD products with free delivery on all orders, and why customers should be aware of brands that may not play by the rules:

Why do CBD Oil King only stock products that comply with UK regulations?

It’s pretty simple. If a CBD brand complies with the regulations around cannabis and hemp product creation and distribution in the UK, it’s likely to be safe.

The market is too congested with brands who do not belong to any trades associations and do not necessarily comply with UK law, MHRA or the FSA. This means as somebody who purchases CBD products, it’s very difficult to find products that you know to be safe and manufactured as stated. Brands who do not follow the regulations or laws within the industry may be supplying products that cause harm or are considered dangerous.

From CBD Isolate to CBD vape juice and everything in between, if CBD Oil King stock it, it’s a product of great quality and compliant with all the necessary UK laws and regulations.

Why are CBD Oil King a member of the Cannabis Trades Associate and how does this help customers buy quality products?

The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) set the standards in terms of safety, research, analysis, and quality. For CBD brands to comply with the CTA, they’ll need to provide proof of process when creating and bringing a CBD product to market, ensuring that the product is safe for use, has been trialed and tested, and meets the vigorous UK regulations for consumption set out by the CTA and by law.

For example, CBD edibles are immensely popular, and even high street market stores now stock them. However, when buying online, you cannot be sure of whether the edible you are purchasing is tested and safe for consumption. CBD Oil King do the hard work for you, by only stocking brands that are of the very highest standard of quality and who are associated with the Cannabis Trades Association.

What types of brands and CBD products are trusted by CBD Oil King?

The brands CBD Oil King choose to stock have to meet certain criteria. First, they need to be compliant when it comes to rules, laws, and regulations, regardless of quality. This means that anything on the online store that’s available to buy is of the highest quality and reputation.

CBD Oil King also then compare products that are compliant based on popularity, quality, taste, manufacturing process, and more. The goal is to stock the very best products so that customers do not have to carry out their own research, but instead, can buy with the reassurance that they won’t find better CBD products anywhere else online.

How to buy the best CBD brands and products from CBD Oil King

For the best CBD oil UK, liquids, edibles, gummies, capsules, CBD vape juice and so much more, CBD Oil King are the leading provider of compliant and quality products, with free delivery on every order.

Browse the range of products via their online store.

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CBD Oil King is an ecommerce store focused on selling the top, most trusted CBD brands on the market. We are very proud of the fact that we comply with all regulations within UK to do with CBD Vape Juices, CBD Oil, CBD Edibles and CBD Isolates. Shop now via the website: https://www.cbdoilking.co.uk/



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