$1.62 Billion Global 5G Substrate Materials Market Outlook, 2031 - Includes Profiles of Key Players AGC, Daikin, DuPont de Nemours, Showa Denko Materials, and More

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The global 5G substrate materials market is expected to reach $1,624.3 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 24.1% during the forecast period 2021-2031. The growth in the market is expected to be driven mainly by growing investments toward the adoption and deployment of 5G communication across the globe.

Market Highlights by Segment


5G smartphone industry is one of the most significant end-use applications of advanced substrate materials. New 5G smartphones require 4X4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), 8x8 MIMO, or even more complex MIMO antenna arrays to work on the mm-wave frequency range. Companies are developing more advanced and compact-sized antennas that work on the 5G frequency spectrum. With a growing number of smartphone users, the demand for substrate material is also expected to grow in this application.


In the emerging 5G era, 5G infrastructure and component materials are in high demand in the market. Organic laminates cover thermosetting insulating materials used in flexible copper-clad laminates and rigid copper-clad laminates as raw materials for circuit boards. Organic laminates consist of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), liquid crystal polymer (LCP), polyimide (PI), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), and other substrate materials used in the realization of 5G technology. These materials find their applications in various end-use applications such as smartphones and base station antennas.


China is the largest consumer of 5G substrate materials, majorly due to the growing number of 5G base stations and the presence of various smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Apple.

Key Company Profiles & Competitive Benchmarking

  • Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Inc.
  • Daikin Industries
  • DuPont de Nemours Inc.
  • Showa Denko Materials Co. Ltd.
  • ITEQ Corporation
  • Kaneka Corporation
  • Kuraray Co. Ltd.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Avient Corporation
  • Rogers Corporation
  • Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • The Chemours Company
  • Toray Industries Inc.
  • Taiwan Union Technology Corporation
  • Ventec International Group

Key Questions Answered in the Report

  • Which factors are expected to impact the global 5G substrate materials market?
  • What is the global 5G substrate materials market size in terms of revenue from 2021 to 2031?
  • How much revenue is expected to be generated by different types of 5G substrate materials?
  • Which 5G substrate materials application is expected to be dominant in the forecast period 2021-2031?
  • Which companies are the major players in the global 5G substrate materials market, and what are the key market strategies adopted by them?

Key Topics Covered

1 Markets
1.1 Industry Outlook
1.1.1 Trends: Current and Future Metamaterials Poised to Be the Game Changers for 5G Communications and Beyond 5G in mm-Wave Spectrum Gains Traction Investment Toward Research and Development of 6G Technology
1.1.2 Supply Chain Analysis
1.1.3 COVID-19 Impact on 5G Industry
1.1.4 Industry Attractiveness Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Buyer Bargaining Power of Supplier Threat of Substitute Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
1.2 Business Dynamics
1.2.1 Business Drivers Development of High-Performance Advanced Materials Enabling the Roll Out of 5G Technology Countries Rapidly Investing in Deployment of 5G Network Across the Globe Growth of Internet Users and Edge Computing Devices
1.2.2 Business Challenges High Cost of 5G Substrate Materials Impacting the Growth of the Market Delays in Spectrum Allocation and Deployment Expected to Impact the Demand for 5G Substrate Materials Various Technical Challenges Faced by the Manufacturing Companies Slower Transition from Older Communication Generation to 5G Technology
1.2.3 Business Strategies Product Developments Market Developments
1.2.4 Corporate Strategies
1.2.5 Business Opportunities Countries at a Nascent Stage of 5G Roll Out Expected to Introduce Growth Opportunities for Material Manufacturers Companies Ramping up their Manufacturing Units Will create Opportunities for Stakeholders in the Market

2 Application
2.1 Global 5G Substrate Materials Market - Applications and Specifications
2.1.1 Smartphones
2.1.2 Base Station
2.1.3 Others
2.2 Demand Analysis of the Global 5G Substrate Materials Market (by Application), Volume and Value Data

3 Products
3.1 Global 5G Substrate Materials Market - Products and Specifications
3.1.1 Organic Laminates Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Polyimide (PI) Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Others
3.1.2 Ceramics
3.1.3 Glass
3.2 Demand Analysis of the Global 5G Substrate Materials Market (by Type), Volume and Value Data
3.3 Patent Analysis
3.3.1 Leading 5G Patent Countries (by Patent Applications)
3.3.2 Leading 5G Innovation Areas
3.3.3 6G Patent Analysis

4 Region
4.1 North America
4.1.1 Market Key Manufacturers and Suppliers in North America Business Challenges Business Drivers
4.1.2 Application
4.1.3 Product
4.1.4 North America: Country Level Analysis U.S. Market Buyer Attributes Business Challenges Business Drivers Application Product Canada Market Buyer Attributes Business Challenges Business Drivers Application Product
4.2 Europe
4.3 U.K.
4.4 China
4.5 Asia-Pacific and Japan
4.6 Rest-of-the-World

5 Markets - Competitive Benchmarking & Company Profiles
5.1 Competitive Benchmarking
5.1.1 Competitive Position Matrix
5.2 Company Profiles
(List above)

6 Research Methodology
6.1 Data Sources
6.1.1 Primary Data Sources
6.1.2 Data Sources
6.2 Data Triangulation
6.3 Market Estimation and Forecast
6.3.1 Factors for Data Prediction and Modeling

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