Red Robin Franchise Turns to Landed to Accelerate Hiring Across 20+ Locations in Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group quadruples hiring rates after automating candidate identification, screening via Landed

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Landed, which provides the first mobile app connecting hourly food and retail workers with local employers, announced today that Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, a Red Robin franchise with 20+ locations in Pennsylvania, is now using the Landed app to automate the process of finding, screening and hiring the best candidates for its restaurants.

According to Zach Bodnarchuk, Talent Acquisition Manager at Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, prior to using Landed the company had several locations that had been struggling to find candidates, especially in this tight labor market. Using Landed, each location has been able to hire new workers each week - helping stabilize labor levels and keep each store running smoothly.

“As everyone knows, it’s difficult to hire hourly workers at the moment,” said Bodnarchuk. “Landed has given Red Robin an edge by enabling us to identify the best-fit candidates, engage with them very quickly, and be the first restaurant to get them in for an interview - which drastically increases our hiring success rate. And it’s done all this while reducing the amount of time our managers spend on hiring by about half. I’ve even used Landed to hire some fantastic managers. We are thrilled with the results.”

Landed has grown swiftly since the beginning of the year, said founder and CEO Vivian Wang, precisely due to the difficulty of hiring hourly workers. “Restaurants and retailers are finding that their old methods of hiring - such as in-store signs and job boards - aren’t generating the candidate traffic they used to,” she said. “Red Robin is making all the right moves to ensure a steady stream of talent to keep stores open and keep customers happy.”

How Landed works

Job seekers download the Landed Jobs mobile app and are guided through setting up their Landed candidate profile, which includes short videos plus details on their work experience, location, and shift availability. Candidates can then browse jobs available near them. Landed’s AI-based intelligent matching technology matches candidates with employers for whom they might be a fit.

Hiring managers download the Landed Employer mobile app, and input hiring goals such as role titles, headcount, pay rate and locations. Landed then presents the employer with candidates who are the best matches for their open positions based on its intelligent matching algorithm, driven by AI tech. Hiring managers can see matched candidates, organize their candidate pipeline into different folders, and communicate with candidates all from within the app.

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About Landed

Landed provides the first mobile app connecting hourly food and retail workers with local employers, to help them find and hire better quality candidates, faster. Guided by the app, candidates create video profiles, and are then matched with employers instantly using proprietary AI-based technology. Landed automates much of the process for employers, helping them quickly fill positions. Landed has helped clients such as Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, and Grocery Outlet fill hundreds of positions since its launch in 2020. Learn more at

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