Greenlines and Mazmobi Partner to Launch the First Corporate Mobility Carbon Offset Program in Mexico

The partnership between Greenlines and Mazmobi is the first program in Latin America that generates an offset revenue incentive for corporations when they switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to low-carbon transport modes, leveraging the growing demand for voluntary carbon offsets. Greenlines' Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE) will power Mazmobi's mobility platform to generate high-quality mobility carbon offsets for clients.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greenlines Technology Inc., a Canada-based technology company, is pleased to announce its partnership with Mazmobi SAPI de CV, a Mexico-based corporate MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) provider to launch the first carbon offset program for corporate fleets in Mexico. This partnership will kickstart the development of high-quality mobility carbon offsets in Latin America.

David Oliver, CEO of Greenlines, said, "We aim to develop carbon-based incentive systems that foster the demand of low-carbon products and services at a global scale, generating large sources of high-quality carbon offsets to meet growing demand. Our partnership with Mazmobi is a key step towards expanding this new business model in Mexico, and across Latin America."

In Mexico, the transportation sector generates 25% of the country's total carbon emissions, or over 150 million tonnes each year. In Mexico City, the share is 45%. This partnership aims to incentivize corporations to switch to low-carbon fleets and mobility options.

Greenlines' patent-pending Mobility Carbon Engine (MCETM), operational since 2019, generates emission reductions produced when switching from single-occupancy vehicles to transit, shared-mobility, micromobility and more. Once verified by a third-party auditor, reductions are sold as high-quality mobility carbon offsets.

"Our partnership with Greenlines will allow us to offer our customers the possibility to measure their carbon footprint in transportation and with our vehicle-sharing solution, they will be able to implement options to reduce it," said Javier Amozurrutia, CEO of Mazmobi. "Corporate clients that join our products and, very soon, the EV Shared model, will benefit by having real data and, in some cases, will be able to benefit from an added incentive resulting from the revenue generated by the sale of carbon offsets. We see this as a win for the environment, a win for our cities and citizens, and a win for our clients."

The Bank of America recently predicted that carbon markets may need to grow by as much as 50 times if companies are going to meet 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emission goals, generating a demand of approximately 7.6 gigatons of carbon offsets. The partnership between Greenlines and Mazmobi is a key step towards the development of high-quality Mexico-based mobility carbon offsets to serve this growing demand.

About Greenlines Technology Inc.

Greenlines is a Canadian cleantech company focused on developing and commercializing large-scale human-based decarbonization solutions in the mobility and e-commerce sectors. Its patent-pending Mobility Carbon Engine (MCETM) and E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECETM) are the first that enable the monetization of reductions produced by individuals. To learn more, visit

About Mazmobi SAPI de CV

Mazmobi is a Mexican tech company that develops a shared mobility solution based on a model of collaboration with vehicle dealers to increase the time the vehicles are being used. Focused on the Corporate market, the plans are to grow the fleet from combustion to EV and integrate other mobility solutions to offer a MaaS platform to the customers. To learn more, visit


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